Why Cash is Trash in 2023

Release date: February 1, 2023
Duration: 47min
Guest(s): Charles Goyette and Jim Clark
Charles Goyette and Jim Clark

In 1971 President Richard Nixon changed the rules of money. That year, the U.S. dollar ceased being money and became a currency. This was one of the most important changes in modern history, but few people understand why. Today’s guests explain why understanding the difference will help our listeners survive 2023.

Jim Clark, CEO of Republic Monetary Exchange says, “It’s a bigger risk having paper money that’s depreciating.” Clark goes on to point out that we are in the 51st year since Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, and no other fiat currency has survived the past 50 years as a warning of the future of the dollar.

Charles Goyetter, author of the book “Red and Blue and Broke All Over” says, “There’s a rough patch of road ahead. For as bad as it’s going to be, the ones that take action will be so much better off.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Jim Clark and Charles Goyette discuss the difference between real money and fake money, and why cash is trash in 2023.

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