Censored: What They Aren’t Telling Us

Release date: February 2, 2022
Duration: 28min
Guest(s): Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson
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Censored: What They Aren’t Telling Us

Chris, give us your background and academic pedigrees.

I have a PhD in pathology from Duke University. And what that means is that I entered medical school at Duke with all the first year medical students. I went through the first two years with all the medical students. So everything's the same, taken all the same classes, doing anatomy, all that stuff. At year three, they wandered off and put the stethoscopes around their neck and started practicing a doctor, and I went off and was doing things like autopsies and pathology, histology, things like that. And then I did a couple years of post doc work as well, and I was working on basic cell biology and my subspecialty was toxicology. So that's really the study of how things injure cells, systems and all of that. So that's my background there. And then I went on and got an MBA from Cornell and went into business for a period of time. So I think I can speak all the worlds out there.

Your talented in your ability to paint a picture with words. Tell us the story about if you ‘drop one drop of water’?

I'm a translator of things. So I love giving credit where credit is due. This story actually comes from Albert Bartlett, who is a professor of Mathematics at Boulder. And he talked about it in terms of bacteria. And I looked at his examples and it was really important concept. So it's about exponential growth. And so exponential growth is this thing that everybody should know about, but none of us do really. And it sounds like Math. And here's the thing, we're humans. So we're not wired to understand exponential growth or nonlinear. Nonlinear just confuses us. Imagine somebody throws a baseball, you probably can catch it. It's traveling linear. But if you slip on ice on your front stoop, man, that's going to surprise you. Boom. Down you go, because you fall as a square or function. So it's Math.So here's the thing, exponential growth, we're surrounded by it, we have to know it, but we don't get it. So I use this example and it goes like this. Imagine I have a magic eye dropper, and it's magic because when I put a drop of water in your hand, every minute that drop of water is going to double. So I put a drop of water in your hand. After one minute you have two drops, and after two minutes you have four drops. After like five minutes, you can fill a thimble up. So that's the pace of growth. So here's the example. We're all going to go to a stadium, the biggest stadium you can imagine, like the biggest one you've ever been to, holds 100,000 people. And we're going to make that stadium water tight, I'm going to handcuff you to the highest [inaudible 00:04:41] seats. And there you are.

So at 12 o'clock on any given day, there you are handcuffed, and I put one of these magic drops of water down. And the question is, how long do you have to escape from your handcuffs? And I've given this talk, I've said this to like, I don't know, probably 10,000 people, I don't know, lots of audiences. And there's maybe one or two people out of five or 600 that get close. But most people think something like, oh, I don't know. It's going to take years, months, days. And the answer is, it takes 50 minutes to fill that stadium up. 50 minutes. So let's imagine that you're at a stadium that's twice as big as any stadium I've even conceived of. Well, then it would take 51 minutes, because it doubles.

At what time would your stadium still be 97% empty space? And how many people would realize the seriousness of their predicament? And the answer is 45 minutes in into this thing, it's still 97% empty space. It's that last five minutes. It's all over. Goes from 3% to 6%, 12%, to 25%, 50%, 100%, we're done, boom, out. And the reason that's important is we have exponential debt in our system. The federal reserve is creating exponential amounts of money. We have an exponential loss of water from the aquifers. We're having exponential increases in the use of energy. We're just surrounded by it. And most people don't know it. And unfortunately, it's our so-called leaders. I'm putting up air quotes here. People can't see, leaders, they don't get it at all. They're pretending we live in this linear world, but we don't. And so that's why I tell that story, because I want us to understand where we are in this moment in time. It's a really incredible moment in human history, not American history, like human history.

When COVID broke out, you and like-minded financial guys started speaking out. What happened then?

Well, I honestly had to dust off. It had probably been 20 years since I'd been in science. And turns out I didn't forget it. I've got a pretty good brain for some things, and science is one of them. And so I started reading as much as I could, but I remember I was tracking for no good reason. I was just tracking that there was this outbreak in China. And then on January 23rd, I had to send out an alert to the world because on the 22nd, that night of, China ringed off the city of Wuhan. And I didn't know very much about the virus at that point, but I know something about the Chinese, which is they don't shut down a major industrial center unless they have a really serious reason for it. So that was my warning. So I sent out an alert to everybody. It probably took me about a week to figure out what we were up against truly. And then I started of talking about COVID. Now, unfortunately, I was a little early. So this is like late January, early February.

So there are all these like The Wall Street Journals, and the New York Times are like, it's just the flu bro. And I'm like, "Nah, I'm pretty sure it's not." And I knew a pandemic was coming and I knew what I was up against because on February 5th, my Wiki page, which had been up for 15 years, got taken down. Wiki editor said, "This is a non notable person." That's how they described me. "And he's talking about stuff he doesn't know." And they described me as a conspiracy theorist and that was it. My page got taken down and I said, "Oh-oh, something else is going on here."

At some point, the sponsors of his show said they didn’t want you talking about this stuff, correct?

Well, yeah. We ran into a lot of censorship beyond that, but I couldn't help it. I was producing a video a day for the first six months, I think, close to very single day. So this is like 30, 40, 50 minutes of material fully researched. I taught at the college level and I've had other professors say that basically what I was producing was a full course day, every single day for six months. It was the hardest work I've done in a long time, and I was doing it because I needed to do it. I needed to get out there, the YouTube channel was demonetized right away, so it wasn't for money, but I felt it was really important to get this information out. So that's what I did. So I'm a quick learner, eventually. At first I was all about, this was like the

virus. And now I'm looking back on it and I realize that I think I was duped for awhile. I honestly think that China was sending out, like remember they... I didn't realize how much they controlled everything that comes out of there. So I wasn't aware that I'm consuming all this stuff. And there were these videos of people falling over in the street, like just keeling over. And there were pictures of hallways full of dead people. So I thought that's what was common. And now we know that, I think the earliest version of that virus was worse. Of course they get less bad over time, that's just the nature of viral evolution. So maybe that first alpha version was a little worse, but China was exporting fear to us and we were buying it. I was buying it.

And now, I’m so glad to hear you connect those dots, because now I look back and the repo market was blowing up in September. So COVID was the best thing that could’ve happened to a Federal Reserve that needed an out to print TRILLIONS.

It was a distraction…?

Well, it sure worked out that way for them. And they could print more money then. And not just some money, but the most we’ve ever seen. At the end of 2020, money had grown. The money supply had grown 30% in a single year.

What would you say you are doing now?

I'm perpetually out of step with wherever the mainstream media is, so at first I was warning and they were saying it was the flu and now they're all the way trying to keep us in fear. The omicron variant, which came out, and of course that blew up a lot of people's thanksgiving is because that was announced on Thanksgiving day. And so that Friday was that's when it blew up across and like, oh my God, and there was all this stuff, so I was researching it as fast as I could. And the Omicron variant is actually one of the best things we could ever hope for. It's very mild, highly transmissive, and by the way, the vaccines do nothing against it. Worse, actually they accelerate it's progression, but that's where we're at. And so now I find myself constantly still being censored and still running a foul thing.

I'm one of the few people I know where I get emails and other communications where people say, "Hey, this doesn't happen to me on any other channel I'm on, but I was just unsubscribed from your YouTube channel or from your Twitter." So people get unfollowed or unsubscribed from my channels all the time. So this is a form of soft censorship. I've been hard censored a couple times, but I realize, well, I was just at a turning point network and one of the producers there said, "Oh, can you tweet out the live show, here it is." So I said, "Great. Just send it us my Twitter handle." So she's trying to find me and I'm watching her do this, and she puts my whole name, it's @ChrisMartenson, and that's my Twitter handle. She puts it in and Twitter says no results found. I have 85,000 followers and Twitter told her that I didn't exist. That's the kind of censorship I'm up against these days. It's soft. It's probably nothing, it's in that Communist Manifesto, it's soft totalitarianism.

Tell us about the ‘gain of function’. What does that mean?

I've been tracking this a long time, so it was... My first video I put out was in, that was May, 2020, where I said, "Hey, look at the genetic structure of this coronavirus, this COVID 19 virus, the SARS-CoV-2. And when we look at it, it looks manipulated to me and it looks like it came out of a lab. There's a bunch of reasons for that. And I've got whole programs on that." But I was positive about that. Of course, I got called a conspiracy theorists and I got shut down, all kinds of things. And then it was a year later, finally, the media was like, "Well, maybe we know about this." So here's what we know. We know that there was a foyer request and we got Anthony Fauci's emails out. And on January 29, 2020, he's blasting out these emails to people saying, "Hey, we got to get our arms around this. Oh no, this looks like we got to control the narrative."

The interesting part is when he sent these emails out saying, "We have to say that this came from nature, not from a lab," he involved all these other people in the world, top virologists, Christian Anderson from the Scripps Institute, Marion Coopsman from Dutch, a German guy, all these top virologists, nobody from the NIH, National Institute of Health. They have thousands of scientists. He didn't tap one of them. And so we know from these emails that they were all talking about it. What we can't tell you is what they were talking about, because they're all blanked out. They have these different FOIA exclusions, B4 is to prevent you from hearing personal identifying information, B5 is for this other reason.

Anyway, although all these B4, B5, B6 exceptions, all gray, and even people like sitting Congressman and senators, US senators are unable to see what was in those emails, because Fauci, a career bureaucrat, is just standing saying, "Oh no, you can't see this stuff." So we don't know what was in these emails, but we know for a fact that they were talking about how they could marginalize anybody out there who was talking about this being anything other than coming from a natural source. Now, China had a strong, compelling interest to show this came from a natural source. Within a month of that, China had sequenced and tested 80,000 separate animal samples, because they were desperate. Like can we show this came from a bat or a civet or a penguin or a bear? They didn't care.

They tested everything, and they couldn't find this in any other species in a way that would signify it came from those species. Because if you saw the movie Contagion with Dustin Hoffman, the whole thing is who's patient zero. Nobody was interested in patient zero. That's when I became concerned. I knew this came from a lab, because nobody was talking about it, nobody was asking any questions, there was no Intrepid, New York Times reporter asking WHO officials, have we identified patient zero? We know this came from a lab and the key signature, if we can talk about this, this is okay, because we're going to talk about this little tiny thing. It's just four amino acids long in the Coronavirus in the spike protein is called the furin cleavage site. A furin is a protease, it's a thing you put into, if you're a researcher and you want to make something more deadly, give it a gain of function.

So we've done the same thing. We've put those same cleavage sites into influenzas. That was the thing that got the whole gain of functions stopped back in 2014, they said, "Look, we're not doing this because somebody had put that little thing into an influenza and they made a killer bug." If that thing had ever gotten out, like 20% death.

So they put this site in, somebody did and that was the smoking gun. So when I put out that first video in May, 2020, I said, I put it right up there, like any journalist ask and only ask this one question, where did this furin cleavage site come from?

Now, this got really dark for me just a month ago. And somebody inside of a system was checking this stuff out and sent me the sequence that coded for that. So the way this works is you have these little pieces of RNA, the four different nucleotides and it codes for that furin cleavage site. He said, "Here's the thing. When you go into the system, which has all the genetic codes of everything in the world, it's the blast system. Scientists use all the time." He went in and he searched it. And he only found that exact sequence in two places. One was in an obscure bacterium that didn't have anything to do with viruses, and the second was, it shows up in about 12 separate Moderna patents starting in 2015, that exact sequence. It's very, very, rare.

Always follow the money…

Always, but this should've been like, this is a legit question. And so where was the New York Times? So where is any inquiry on this? That's a legit question. Can you explain why? So here's the Math on this. To get that, since it's 19 nucleotides long and there's four different nucleotides, the Math says there's a one in 283 billion chance of coming on that sequence accidentally randomly. One in 283 billion. Your chance of winning the power ball is like 50 times higher. But that sequence, somebody ought to be asking the question saying, "Okay, it's just a question. How did that get there? Do we know?" So there's a lot going on here, where again, there's just a lot of coincidences that don't smell right. And of course it doesn't smell right to me that Fauci, a bureaucrat, gets to shield his email substance from sitting elected officials. That doesn't feel right.

We had hydroxychloroquine, but suddenly, it’s a finance sensor. For a stock price to go up, you need a new drug. So, they basically sensor the hydroxychloroquine, and produce these two new vaccines…and stock prices go through the roof.

Yeah. And the whole pharma industry was having trouble because the big major drugs had been found, antibiotics and all this. And they were down to these really weird orphan drugs, where only a few thousand people get the syndrome and then they have to charge 400,000 for a dose of it, whatever. So their model was really starting to die. Over time. Maybe that’s okay, because we’d figure out how to get people healthy.

Yeah. As humans, we'd figured this out and that's good. It should be okay that an industry takes itself out business over time. I'm okay with that. They weren't okay with that. And so, you know what, if Pfizer says they want to try and make money, that's okay. But what's not okay, is when the people are supposed to be regulating them are actually not doing that and just helping them. So here's what we know. Pfizer ransom trials really shot a rerun on the vaccine itself. And then the last thing we heard is the FDA told the judge that they want 75 years to be able to release that data to the American people.

They reviewed it in 108 days, but they want 75 years. The year 2096 is when they wanted to release that. Now, a judge just came out and said, "No, you have to release 18,500 pages a month," but it's still like 90 days that is going to take us to begin to see this. That's okay. I'll guarantee you when we get in there, we're going to find things out where we're going to go, "What were these regulators doing or not doing?" And the answer is going to be really disappointing. So Pfizer gets to make money, they can try and cut corners, but our regulators ought not to have been doing that. But this is a story that people who watch the CFTC not regulate or be able to see like skulduggery in the silver market or watching the SEC not understand how hedge funds are like gaming meme stocks or whatever. It's just the whole thing. It's just one big story now.

Some people are fighting back now, there’s a mass movement going on. What do you see happening?

I'm really excited actually at this point in time. And because we're finding out who the real moral giants were and who you can trust and people are finally waking up. And I think that's a good thing, because as I mentioned, we have these big fourth turning institutional failures. It's time to reset this thing a little bit. I have a different reset in mind than the Davos crowd, because it's time for the... We've seen these protests all over the place. Hundreds of thousands in Melbourne, Germany, France, it's time for people in the United States, I think to... Yeah, we got to get off our butts and get out in public. I have an event I do every year, a virtual event, and so that's our seminar yearly seminar. And so that's going to be January 29th and 30th.

Our website is PEAK2022.events.You just type that in and it'll bring you over to our page, but it's really cool. I got Brett Weinstein talking this year, got some of the COVID docs out there, who are going to talk about actual treatments that people can have, because here's the best part. To this day, your doctor, if you have like 80% of the doctors in this country will still tell you, if you walk in with COVID today, they'll say, "Oh, go home, take some aspirin, get plenty of fluids." Are you kidding me? So there's lots of things people can do, and I think they need to know about it. And I'm sure you know about them of course, but more people [inaudible 00:26:47] know about them need to know. And by the way, anybody listening, if your doctor says that, you got a bad doctor, get a different one.