Learn Skills to Navigate the Perfect Storm

Release date: February 22, 2023
Duration: 38min
Guest(s): Chris Martenson
Chris Martenson

Guest Chris Martenson, the author of the re-released “The Crash Course”, picks up where he left off with his prophetic look at the economy.

The original Crash Course video was released in 2008, followed by the book version in 2011. Considered ahead of its time, today, we are poised for an economic "perfect storm." We need to prepare ourselves. A significant event is coming and the ones with the skills to adapt will succeed.

Hosts Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Chris Martenson discuss the 3 E’s: Economy, Energy, and Environment. With the 4th “e” being “exponential growth.” Our nation is creating more debt and more fake money. “Money is a marker, a claim. And we are making it faster than ever. But at some point, it breaks. And it breaks badly.”

“We haven’t made any serious plans for how we’re going to control our deficit spending or how we are going to navigate this energy future,” Martenson says. “Europe is a continent of 400 million people. They are energy poor, and they just got into a war with Russia by proxy. What happens when you starve a continent of 400 million? A huge decline in living standards, the driving factors being food and energy.

The reason we aren’t creating a real economy is that we aren’t producing anything. “To produce, you have to have energy. Houses, cars, food. Just scratch a little and you’ll find energy. If you want to have an economy, prosperity comes because we have energy.”

Prepare for social unrest. Have a Plan B. “Ask yourself, what do I know how to do?” says Martenson. The number of people who know how to do things is dwindling.” Learn skills. Grow a garden.