Why You Should Be Worried

Release date: February 15, 2023
Duration: 52min
Guest(s): Doomberg

The world economy is crashing. The baby boomer generation is going bust. Interest rates are going up, the stock market is going down, and the middle class is getting hammered with inflation. But according to host Robert Kiyosaki, “out of doom and gloom comes opportunity.”

And who better to know where and how to find opportunity in these dire times than guest Doomberg. The #1 substack on finance, with thousands of subscribers, Doomberg is a creative entrepreneur with expertise in forecasting, macro, crypto, gold, and silver. He’s the first to tell you that “the best way to make money rather than saving your salary, even in bad economic times, isn’t by getting a college degree. It’s by starting your own business.” Robert couldn’t agree more. It’s why he has invited Doomberg on the show.

Want to learn how to protect ourselves from a faltering economy? For Robert and Doomberg the answers are gold, silver, bitcoin, not money, because as Robert says, our money is “fake.”

“Knowing the macro gives you the view and certainty of what you buy, sell and what you do,” says Robert, who asks Doomberg, a “macro” aka, world economy expert to share his philosophy and advice.

“To build a successful business from scratch,” says Doomberg, “you must have a rigorous, maniacal mindset of continual improvement. Every day, measure your data. What worked and what didn’t work. What could you do better? Where did you screw up? Then reinvent that knowledge into your own business where you own the equity and success is owned by you.”

Be smart.

As Robert says, it’s not that he’s against stocks. He just wants you to buy his stocks! That’s the Robert Kiyosaki formula.


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