Learn To Do This To Survive The Next Depression

Release date: November 9, 2022
Duration: 43min
Guest(s): Franco Lofranco and Christina Ann Sweney
Franco Lofranco and Christina Ann Sweney
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Robert Kiyosaki believes that the number one predictor of the success of an entrepreneur is his or her ability to sell. It’s not just the ability to sell a product, which is very important, but also about the ability to sell a vision, a team, yourself, and potential partners and deals.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, today is the time to focus on building your sales skills. That might mean joining a network marketing company. Today’s guest share how joining a network marketing company helped them develop their skill of selling.

Franco Lofranco, Senior VP at ACN, says, “If you can’t sell, you can’t survive.”

Christina Ann Sweney, Independent Market Partner at Monat, says, “Between the compensation plan, the products, and the community, network marketing gave me freedom.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Franco Lofranco and Christina Ann Sweney discuss how learning to sell is the number one skill for anyone to learn to survive the next depression.