Free Market Capitalism

Release date: December 2, 2020
Duration: 32min
Guest(s): George Gammon and Mark Moss
George Gammon and Mark Moss

For much of its history, America is a country that has valued free markets, allowed people to pursue their interests, and created opportunity for anyone, without too much government intervention.

But now, as capitalism falters, and the rich move their money out of the country, violence increases, and politicians promising prosperity are elected, the future of the United States is a big question mark. Today’s guests agree that when we had sound money, “we didn’t have this financialization of the economy.”

George Gammon and Mark Moss join Robert and Kim Kiyosaki on The Rich Dad Radio show for a very special, in-studio interview where they discuss current economic events including censorship, Bitcoin, and the future of the economy.

George Gammon:

Mark Moss: