7 Reasons to Buy Gold Now

Release date: November 15, 2023
Duration: 35min
Guest(s): James Rickards, Rick Rule, Andy Schectman, David Garofalo, George Gammon, Clay Clark
James Rickards, Rick Rule, Andy Schectman, David Garofalo, George Gammon, Clay Clark

James Rickards, former national security advisor for the Pentagon and the CIA, gives a detailed explanation of the history of gold bull markets, highlighting the current third-grade bull market and its significance in the context of monetary history. Jim Rickards shares insights on the patterns and trends that led to his prediction of gold reaching $15,000 by 2025. Watch the full episode with Rickards here: https://youtu.be/W9mSECDpbzA?si=Sr3mm7Yc2J3it0ky

Rick Rule, the President and CEO at Rule Investment Media, and he explains that taking control of financial present and future is crucial as big thinkers neither will nor can secure financial well-being. Precious metals, like gold and silver, become a form of self-defense in the face of economic uncertainties. Watch the full episode with Rick Rule here: https://youtu.be/kz50GY1l0oA?si=4bokb4RA_kSi2KIl

Andy Schectman, President & Founder of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, explains how in 2020, amidst the central banks' continuous accumulation of gold, the IMF's call for a new standard raised concerns about a deeper global economic shift. The urgency of these changes became apparent as major players like Russia, China, India, and members of the BRICS group actively increased their gold holdings. Watch the full episode with Andy here: https://youtu.be/zwQ91P8vLqE?si=GUEedW-_vfAM0rC4

David Garofalo, Chairman & CEO of Gold Royalty Corp. explains that the price action in gold, experienced over the last couple of years and expected to continue, is influenced by declining supply and the inelasticity of supply to price. The gold industry cannot quickly respond to price increases due to long lead times in new production. Additionally, the lower for longer interest rate environment, with negative real interest rates, makes gold attractive as there is no opportunity cost to owning it. Watch the full episode with Garofalo here: https://youtu.be/t8FVYrKbWWY?si=MHjJtKUISoTzQFcX

George Gammon, a macro economic expert says that in times of uncertainty, such as potential Black Swan events, it is in one’s best interest to invest in assets with no counterparty risk. Examples of such assets include gold, Bitcoin, silver, or similar tangible assets that do not rely on a third party and can withstand economic turmoil. Watch the full episode with George here: https://youtu.be/FkkoxSNQ0qk?si=CaLtppEXTPBAk-U0

Clay Clark, a successful entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on the current economic climate, the potential collapse of the US dollar, and the importance of investing in precious metals, especially gold. Watch the full episode with Clay here: https://youtu.be/MDhEYGasDJ4?si=14DxzNq7J1xoqqmG

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