Are We Experiencing a Black Swan Event?

Release date: March 25, 2020
Duration: 46min
Guest(s): Harry Dent
Harry Dent on the rich dad radio show

If you’ve been following your financial advisor’s advice of “invest for the long term” for the last several years you’ve been living fat, dumb and happy...until now. The sudden plunge in the stock market and the global spread of the Coronavirus is making citizens across the globe more and more anxious as the days go by despite efforts by the Fed to pump in more money.

Harry Dent, author of "Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage", warns, “Markets will be brought down to reality and may not recover for 25-30 years—if ever.”

In this episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent discuss exactly what is happening in the stock market, the bond market, and the real estate market. You’ll find out what Harry says he’ll be doing and what you can do to survive these turbulent times.