Pension Time Bombs: Part 7 - Autopsy of Dead Pensions

Release date: May 6, 2020
Duration: 58 min
Guest(s): Jack Bergman, Ted Siedle
Pension Time Bombs: Part 7 - Autopsy of Dead Pensions with Jack Bergman and Ted Siedle

Many public or government pensions—including some of the largest—are not audited annually by independent certified public accountants. In fact, about 60 percent of all corporate pensions in the United States are not audited. Let’s call it another example of the “gross malpractice generally practiced” that pervades pension management. Pensions don’t just implode overnight. There are always warning signs or “red flags” that have been disregarded for decades.

"Who Stole My Pension" co-author Ted Siedle, says, “Pension deaths are almost always foreseeable. Likewise, pension deaths are almost always preventable. If not foreseen and prevented, someone was not doing his or her job. However, autopsies almost never follow pension deaths. Indeed, the possibility of a forensic investigation into the causes of a pension death is rarely even discussed. The scope of such an investigation, as well as probable minimal cost, is rarely researched.

Listen to hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guests Ted Siedle and U.S. Congressman Jack Bergman explain how there is no reason you should accept anything less than a true and complete audit of your pension to safeguard your retirement savings.