Getting Real Financial Education

Release date: March 3, 2023
Duration: 37min
Guest(s): John MacGregor
John MacGregor

Between student loan debt of 1.6 trillion and overall debt…anyone under 40 is going to be a slave to debt,” says Robert Kiyosaki. “The Fed has tried to stop inflation but it can’t stop a crash. Pensions are going away, they’re cutting benefits. Social security will be bankrupt in 10 years. The safety net won’t exist. Best to prepare now.

This April 6, 7, 8 in Phoenix, Arizona Guest John MacGregor will join financial experts about how to get rich even in these bleak economic times.

“This is hard core education. Not text book education. Real financial education that gets to the core of why people are living paycheck to paycheck,” says MacGregor. “They have actually put their knowledge into practice. “The event is an investment in your future. If you want to get rich,” says Kiyosaki.

MacGregor has been in business for over 27 years. His purpose is how to turn an asset into cash flow. His special expertise — paper assets; how to generate cash flow immediately.

“What I do is codify it into a process. It’s a five stage process. My 92 year-old father is making 10-15K a month - consistently for 10 years, as a hobby. “No matter what asset class you’re looking at, you can make money.”

“The real off balance sheet with social security, medicare and pensions is almost 300 Trillion, " says Kiyosaki. “When they go bust, that’s what the taxpayer will pay for. John will tell you how to get rich no matter which way the market goes up or down."