Real Estate Investing Tips for 2024

Release date: April 3, 2024
Duration: 34min
Guest(s): Ken McElroy and Jaron Sustar
Ken McElroy and Jaron Sustar

Guest host Ken McElroy fills in for Robert Kiyosaki, discussing the transformative financial journey of Jaron Sustar, also known as the Finance Cowboy.

Starting with a significant amount of debt due to student loans and consumer choices, Jaron and his wife decided to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. By focusing on real estate investment, they managed to become millionaires by the age of 29.

Throughout the episode, Jaron shares insights on overcoming financial hurdles, the importance of financial education, leveraging other people's money for investments, and the power of networking to find and fund deals. The discussion also covers common misconceptions about real estate investing and practical tips for aspiring investors looking to scale their operations and achieve financial freedom.

Why Watch?

  • Relatable Journey: Sustar’s transition from being over $100,000 in debt at 22 to becoming a millionaire by 29 through real estate is both inspiring and attainable. His story is a testament to what's possible with the right mindset, education, and action.
  • Practical Advice: The discussion provides actionable advice on real estate investing, from overcoming the initial financial hurdles to scaling a successful investment portfolio. Sustar’s methodology, focusing on distressed properties and leveraging other people's money, is laid out with clarity and precision.
  • Inspirational: Sustar's background as a pastor's son and a college athlete underlines the power of discipline, faith, and commitment to achieving one's financial goals. His story is a motivational push for viewers at any stage of their financial journey.
  • Rich Dad Philosophy: The episode reinforces the core principles of the Rich Dad philosophy, highlighting the importance of financial education, taking action, and leveraging debt as a tool for wealth creation.


  • 00:00 The Decision to Break Free from Financial Struggles
  • 00:27 Introducing the Finance Cowboy: A Journey to Financial Freedom
  • 01:37 The Path to Becoming a Millionaire by 29
  • 05:21 The Power of Mentorship and Real Estate Investing
  • 09:01 Building a Supportive Network and Overcoming Mental Barriers
  • 13:55 The Importance of Choice and Seeking Opportunities
  • 18:44 Debunking Real Estate Investment Myths
  • 19:28 Understanding the Real Estate Deal Process
  • 21:06 The Art of Finding and Analyzing Deals
  • 24:17 Leveraging Other People's Money (OPM) for Investments
  • 30:46 Scaling Your Real Estate Business
  • 31:53 Final Thoughts and Contact Information