Mentor to Millions

Release date: September 23, 2020
Duration: 39min
Guest(s): Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm
Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm rich dad radio show

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One secret shared among successful entrepreneurs and the ultra-rich is that they have mentors and coaches on their teams.

In a time of global crisis due to COVID-19 and uncertainty in the stock markets, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, and family members are deeply concerned and anxious about the future state of their businesses, careers, and families. Today’s guests, Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm agree that the way to ensure that our professional and personal lives can thrive in a time of grave uncertainty and stress is to a mentor.

There are lots of different types of mentors, including investment, business, fitness, and personal mentors. Mentors are those who have experience and are more accomplished at doing the things you want to do.

“The importance of having a mentor is simple—you are learning a great deal of knowledge (and life experiences) from someone who has already walked the walk, someone who knows a great deal about what you want to learn,” says Kevin Harrington.

Host Robert Kiyosaki is joined by original “shark” Kevin Harrington and serial entrepreneur Mark Timm to discuss what it takes why now more than any time in our history, entrepreneurs should look towards finding a mentor through times of crisis.