Did Fuller Predict Bitcoin?

Release date: August 18, 2021
Duration: 58min
Guest(s): Max Keiser
Max Keiser

Max Keiser on Bitcoin and futurist Buckminster Fuller

Today, Rich Dad Radio spends time with Max Keiser, host of The Max Keiser Report and Orange Pill Podcast, to discuss Bitcoin as well as the predictions and insight of the late Buckminster Fuller. Keiser and Rich Dad Radio share Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller as a mentor, utilizing and implementing his teachings, books, and wisdom to further personal economic growth.

Buckminster Fuller’s Critical Path

Max Keiser was 21 when Buckminster Fuller’s book, Critical Path, was published. On the precipice of a career on Wall Street, Keiser gravitated to the almost “punk engineer’ language of Buckminster Fuller. For Keiser, it’s all about doing it yourself, without outside legitimacy, accreditation’s, approval. “You don’t need the status quo,” he says, “just really think, probe your own mind and there’s so much, so many rich things in your own mind.”

What stood out for Keiser were the philosophies of the book’s take on money and the principal Buckminster shares on how he decided that he wasn’t going to do anything anymore unless it benefited humanity as a whole.

Against the mainstream, Buckminster kept his design parameters based on this principal: how does this help the greater good. He went on to do things like the Geodesic Dome, designs for electric cars, among others.

Buckminster had a completely different way of looking at things, particularly as it applied to economics and business, and it wasn’t political. It came from an engineering prospective, from a humanist side, something that felt almost Renaissance. Keiser says of Buckminster, “I think you could say he was a Renaissance man in the truest sense of the word in that he was ushering in…the internet age.”

Keiser transitioned into Wall Street, he tells us, and Critical Path and the teachings of Buckminster were a bridge for this new way of thinking. He began seeing money, finances, and markets as something malleable as opposed to hard-coded, and as a medium where you could express yourself. Keiser would ultimately create the Hollywood Stock Exchange during the 1990’s, in an attempt to bridge money with self-expression. All of which related back to Buckminster Fuller teachings.

I Will Never Work For Money Again

Buckminster Fuller might even be a key element to the formation of the Rich Dad Company itself, having influenced Robert and Kim to make drastic moves in the mid-1980’s.

In the early 1980’s, Robert followed the same Buckminster Fuller books, starting with "Critical Path". In the summer of 1983, Buckminster dies and his book, "Grunch of Giants", is released. Kim shares how Buckminster would impact Robert’s next moves.

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“You were conflicted inside because you were studying this guy Fuller and Fuller said to you, "What do you do for a living?" And you said, "I make money." And he said, "What a waste of a great mind."

“One of the lines that he said, that we've always operated by, is the more people we serve, the more effective we become. And that's always a principle that's guided us. So we've never done it for money. That was never been the initial goal. The initial goal is how do you serve more people, more effectively, and then once you left rock and roll, then you were kind of set free.”

Ultimately, they would quit their jobs, follow these Buckminster teachings, and move forward into building companies based on these principals and predictions.

One Buckminster Fuller prediction was the internet, would come to realization in the 1990’s. Buckminster wrote there would be new technology entering planet Earth, prior to the end of the decade.

“…to electronify wealth distribution that accomplish a movements of goods and service that is more channeled design structures, not Big Brother though, since no central planning authority.”—Buckminster Fuller.

“When I met Kim, Fuller hit me right in the brain. I said, I will never work for money again, I’ll work for humanity.” —Robert Kiyosaki.

Buckminster Fuller’s teachings and principals would change the course of life for Robert and Kim. A foundational Rich Dad principal, Kim shares, is Angular Redundancy. With Buckminster, his words and writings could be strange to the average reader, as he used phrases that were uncommon, or in some cases, completely made up. One of these terms was Angular Redundancy. This is, essentially:

“What needs to be done in this world that nobody else is doing, and that you can do?”

“This is how we’ve built the Rich Dad Company and how we’ve lived our lives.”—Kim Kiyosaki

Max Keiser heard about Bitcoin in 2011, but he already held the Keiser Patent on how to trade virtual currencies. Bitcoin was a leap beyond what he was thinking because all the virtual currencies and digital currencies up until that point were centralized, to some degree.

Keiser explains, “All market making, all federal banks, all political considerations regarding money are all centralized. So the thing about Bitcoin that breaks it from everything else is that it’s decentralized.”

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The interesting thing about Buckminster Fuller is if you look at his writings through a political lens, you would say, ‘this is NOT capitalism’. Maybe even the opposite of capitalism. And yet the results are tools that enable capitalists to do fantastic work as capitalist.

Max Keiser and Bitcoin

“I always compare Bitcoin to shamanism and spiritualism, Keiser explains. Where people have the freedom to delve into their own spiritual journeys, because they have money that cannot be confiscated, and not debasing in value. They have no worries. “In other words, you achieve individual sovereignty and you can just pursue spirituality.”

“And I think that's where Bitcoin is heading. I think everyone ultimately achieves individual sovereignty, the whole idea of wealth changes dramatically itself. And this would be a Buckminster Fuller idea, that his idea of wealth was very, very radically different than what most people consider to be wealth.”

If Bitcoin is the coin of his (Buckminster Fuller’s) thinking, then what do you have? If you had everyone thinking like Buckminster Fuller the world would be a dramatically and drastically different place. And with Bitcoin we can get to that place and we are getting to that place and it is happening right now.

Architects of the Future

Buckminster Fuller predicted Bitcoin, Youtube, the internet. He was a futurist. For Robert and Kim, starting the Rich Dad Company was a direct response to avoid being a victim of the future, and instead, following Buckminster Fuller’s teachings, become an architect of their future. To do what God wanted done, and to educate.

Buckminster had amazing confidence in himself, as an engineer. He was a visionary, and engineered things like Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome, among other things that would be good for humanity. Keiser believes we have others like him in the world today, like Elon Musk, who has similar confidence as an engineer. He’s putting out incredible products and scientific projects and he’s taken us all along on a journey. Keiser is quick to point out that Musk is not Buckminster, and would never have written a book like Critical Path, but he IS someone who we can look to, to some degree, because he has that similar confidence in himself.

“We've dealt with a lot of rich people throughout our careers, and many times rich people are miserable because they never really are on a journey of self-discovery. Conversely, I've met many people all over the world who have maybe $5 to their name who couldn't be happier, because they are completely comfortable with themselves and they're completely comfortable with the world. And that to them is infinite riches.”—Max Keiser

Buckminster Fuller Critical Path

Robert recalls a time back in 1981, in Lake Tahoe, where Buckminster Fuller address a room full of people, including Robert. He explains the reason he speaks in a language less understood, and uncommon (speaking into the future) is because, “if people knew what I was saying, they would kill me.” He writes into the future and used a language they can’t read. He told Roberts group, “and so here we are today taking the fight. And that’s why I wanted to talk with you because you’re in a fight.”

Max Keiser agrees; this is going to end up in a fight. In the Bitcoin community, it is evident. Keiser says it doesn’t matter how friendly the regulators are, or if corporations buy it or don’t buy it. At the end, it will wind up a serious fight because Bitcoin is so disruptive to the status quo and the legacy system.

The Big Bitcoin Fight

The fight is from centralized to decentralized systems. Right now, it’s evidenced in the rhetoric from senators like Elizabeth Warren, who has just claimed she’s arming herself for a fight with Bitcoin. Brad Sherman is another politician who is openly hostile to Bitcoin.

They’ve come up with ESG, the environmental considerations, as their rallying cry to lead the attack on Bitcoin. There is no basis for that, Keiser says.

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But we know propaganda is not based on things that make sense, but rather an emotional appeal.

But Bitcoin, Keiser says, is designed to attract attacks. That’s the game theory built into the protocol. For 11 years now, the attacks have worked their way up from coders hating each other to influencers hating each other to now, politicians hating each other. Central banks are now against each other, and Nation states are doing the same.

El Salvador was the bravest, Keiser says, and first to come out and make Bitcoin legal tender.

But the more they attack Bitcoin, the more hash rate goes up, thereby increasing it’s security, and ultimately, the price goes up. Against Bitcoin, the only weapon is printing money. The value of Bitcoin will just continue to rise.

Max Keiser Predictions

Does Bitcoin have the ability to wipe out the monetary system or just change it?

It’s definitely changing the monetary system. The design of Bitcoin itself is disruptive. It’s an immutable network that gives private property rights to billions of people, and they can’t censor it! It cannot be confiscated and it’s mathematically certain to go up in purchasing power.

There are three major categories of investment, says Keiser:

  • Fiat Money

  • Gold

  • Bitcoin

Fiat money is not volatile, but you’re guaranteed to lose purchasing power. Gold is somewhat volatile over time, and you’re guaranteed to maintain purchasing power. And Bitcoin is volatile, and is guaranteed to increase purchasing power.

“We only have had a world of all Fiat money since 1971, when Nixon closed the gold standard. And the only way they can fight is to print more money. Therefore, I can categorically say, emphatically, you have guaranteed purchasing power with Bitcoin, and I’m willing to accept a little volatility for that.”—Max Keiser
“We're taking a victory lap. It's a victory celebration. And we won, essentially. I'm looking into the future right now. I live in the future today. We won because they lost, because they put 100% of their vested interest into money printing, crooked accounting, and a very corrupted connection between Wall Street and Washington. I mean, when Washington is starting to tell Facebook that they're going to monitor what's happening on Facebook, that is what we would say if we were historians looks and smells an awful lot like a fascism, right? Let's call it what it is.”

Max Keiser can be found at The Max Keiser Report and Orange Pill podcast.

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