Why Silver is a Bargain Right Now

Release date: March 6, 2024
Duration: 37min
Guest(s): Peter Krauth
Peter Krauth

In this episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert Kiyosaki and guest Peter Krauth delve into the value of silver, not only as a precious metal but also for its industrial applications.

They discuss silver's significance in technology, especially in solar panels and electric vehicles, which increases its demand beyond just investment and savings. Krauth, author of "The Great Silver Bull," shares insights into silver's current market dynamics, including its supply constraints and its potential for significant price movements due to industrial demand outpacing supply.

The conversation highlights silver's role in financial history and its contemporary relevance amidst increasing digital and renewable energy technologies. They emphasize silver's affordability and argue for its importance in diversifying investments, especially in a landscape where traditional financial instruments are becoming increasingly volatile. The discussion is wrapped up with a broader look at global financial trends, including the impact of the BRICS nations on the U.S. dollar and the potential shifts in global currency dynamics.

This episode is a compelling exploration of silver's multifaceted value and its role in both historical and modern financial systems, encouraging listeners to consider the metal as part of their investment strategy.

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • p06:36 The Price of Silver

  • 12:34 Silver's Industrial Demand

  • 14:35 Solar and EVs Driving Demand

  • 15:41 BRICS Impact on the Dollar

  • 21:31 EVs and Silver

  • 27:00 Silver as "Real Money"

  • 32:53 Global Consumption Patterns

Tune in to understand why silver might just be the most undervalued asset in your investment portfolio and how it could serve as a hedge against economic uncertainty.

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