Bullish on Gold? Why Not Own the Gold Mine?

Release date: October 7, 2020
Duration: 56min
Guest(s): Peter Schiff and John MacGregor
Peter Schiff and John MacGregor

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are self-declared hard asset investors, they both admittedly have sworn off paper assets. Listen as today’s guests make the case for owning gold mining shares.

So what does the future hold for gold? The guests both say that the future for gold is very bright!

Peter Schiff, Chief Economist & Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, makes the case for his gold fund and says, “If you’re bullish on gold, you want to own the gold mine.”

Long time friend of Rich Dad and Certified Financial Planner, John MacGregor says, “This is a perfect play on gold,” and offers the following tips for evaluating a gold fund:

  1. History of consistent performance
  2. Management of the fund
  3. Expense ratios 

But as Robert says, before investing in any fund you must do your research.

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, along with guests Peter Schiff and John MacGregor discuss what makes a good fund and what makes a bad fund—and why you should care!