Crusader for the Constitution

Release date: December 15, 2021
Duration: 54min
Guest(s): Robert Barnes
Robert Barnes
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Robert Barnes, high-profile trial lawyer and proclaimed ‘crusader of The Constitution’, joins Robert and Kim Kiyosaki on The Rich Dad Radio Show.

On the question of how lawyers are seemingly and increasingly ‘gutless’ and aren’t fighting hard enough for American’s Constitutional freedoms, Robert Barnes says, “The system itself is creating a group of people that consider themselves more servants of the state than servants of the law, servants of their clients, servants of the constitution. And it’s deliberate.”

“They’ve kind of institutionalized who gets into law school, who gets promoted in law school, who gets promoted in the practice of law and the professional law,” he says. “If you’re an outsider lawyer, if you’re a dissident lawyer, if you’re a lawyer who challenges and contests power, then you’re a lawyer who gets targeted by the system.”

Barnes says those types of lawyers are subjected to more ethics complaints and bar investigations. You’ll be criticized. The system, he says, has gotten better at filtering out what Barnes calls ‘the Snowden problem’. They don’t want people who have an instinctual resistance to the system, he continues, and the state to be a part of the practice and profession of law.

“It’s critical for ordinary, everyday people…to be able to fight the state.”—Robert Barnes

Robert Barnes recently represented Karl Rittenhouse in a very public court trial. Karl, a 17 year old young man, was on trial for driving to Kenosha, Wisconsin and, in a street altercation where he was ambushed, shot and killed another man in the street in an act of self defense. Barnes explains that it was simple self defense. The case was tried in court, but as Barnes notes, it was also tried in the court of ‘public opinion’.

“And he wouldn't have been there, but for ordinary everyday people coming to his defense because they were a poor family, to be able to mount a defense, to be able to even post bail so he wasn't in jail for a year, a year and a half waiting for trial. So that case is symbolic and emblematic of how the law and lawyers are needed even for the most innocent people to get even a little bit of justice in our system, and the system doesn't like that. The system wants to be able to control the outcomes so they try to rig who becomes lawyers and who becomes successful lawyers so ordinary people don't have an adequate defense in the court of law.”

Robert weighs in and asks, “they say he crossed state lines with a weapon. Well, that's not illegal. And then of course, he shot three black people and they weren't black. My question is how can the press stand there and lie and nobody take them on?”

Robert Barnes says, “What’s extraordinary about this is it's a function of our system of justice that says if a prosecutor brings a prosecution in court, then basically the media and anybody in the public can then use that existence of that prosecution to completely lie about an individual. It's how our criminal justice system is so dangerous. Because we have prosecutors have so much power, the prosecutor can't be sued under this nonsense doctrine, in my view, of sovereign immunity, an idea that comes back from the king.

I mean, the idea that here we are in American democracy and we have an idea that said the king can do no wrong so the king can never be sued and we apply it to every politician in America, every prosecutor in America. And it's like, how in the world are those people protected from suit for bad actions? But it's not just them, once they bring a criminal prosecution, everybody's allowed to lie about you according to the courts. Because the courts say, "Well, there's a criminal prosecution. And because there's a criminal prosecution, that gives them an excuse, a legal excuse to say pretty much whatever they want about you if it relates to that criminal prosecution. So even though he never traveled across state lines with a gun, even though he never shot any black person, even though he was the person defending minority, immigrant, women owned businesses from the people that maybe one of them maybe could have attacked him, from a guy who was making racist statements all night long. He's the one who gets tagged with the racist line even though he was the one defending minorities and immigrants that night.”

On Robert Kennedy Jr.?

“Extraordinarily conscientious individuals,” Barnes says. “So I'm co-counsel with him on suits against the FDA. We're bringing another suit this month against the FDA for their emergency use authorization of the vaccine for children because they did not follow their own protocols and procedures before approving it. They're mislabeling it, they're using Sesame Street and Big Bird to try to market it to little kids, to four year olds and five year olds and six year olds.

Because when Sesame Street's audience goes as young as three, despite the fact, there's a lot of reasons to be doubtful that this is a good public health idea for young children in especially. And he's one of the first people to step up. And he's a guy who's been subject to hit peace after hit peace merely because he was able to broach that maybe we shouldn't treat Big Pharma as a substitute for Jesus, that maybe Big Pharma is not the most reliable, trustworthy barometer of public health and truth in America particularly when it comes to drugs.

And for that, he's had family members attack him, the press attacks him, Instagram kicked him off of Instagram. All he did was start quoting government's own database, the vaccine adverse event reporting system database and because he just republished what the government's own data showed, they removed him from Instagram. Speaking of free speech, he has a great lawsuit against Facebook currently before the ninth circuit court of appeals that might redefine how much social media can engage in big media censorship, big tech censorship because he was able to document that the government was colluding with Facebook solely targeting him to get fewer people to hear his voice.

But it's not fully working because as you know, his book came out, he sold out, 100,000+ within two days. You can still get the digital book, the regular book will be ready right on Christmas Eve. And I can't think of a better Christmas Eve gift than Bobby Kennedy's book about Anthony Fauci.”

Are there more guys like you and Kennedy coming up?

“I have a young lawyer that just graduated from law school that is of that mindset, some really young lawyers have that capacity, almost nobody who's experienced. There's about a half dozen lawyers helping on vaccine mandate cases who are good, but for most them, it's a one off. In other words, they're not going to be joining the fight in other arenas the way Kennedy is.”

The Vaccine mandates…What’s happening in your world around that?

“So I mean, when we initially started the fight against these vaccine mandates and it was basically just Bobby Kennedy and I about six, nine months ago, what's been good is more and more people have joined the fight because of the court of public opinion. People out there are making noise about it, led to legislators and governors and congressmen starting to make noise about it, which in turn translated into more lawyers jumping on.”

“There are lawyers right now that are leading the fight or partially leading the fight against vaccine mandates who'd have told me six months ago there was no argument for it and just fold and go home. But they suddenly discovered their own cajones when the American people made them do so. And so that's the good news. And the courts are finally discovering a voice. Because what was terrifying was the courts were going back and bringing up these corpses, these dangerous perilous precedents that basically established the right for the government to own your body.

And if the government owns your body, what do you own? What freedom do you have if the government has the right to put whatever they want, whenever they want into your physical body, including drugs that can change your body permanently? And so that's why it was critical this fight. This fight goes beyond just COVID, it goes beyond just this vaccine, it's about the government's power to control you completely.

Because I mean, what stops them from... Bill Gates loves the idea of putting a chip on somebody that will be their personal identification card, that will be their means of banking, that will be their means of travel, that will be their means of getting medicine, will be their means of employment. He thinks this will be a great idea for the world. This is what happens when you let big tech nerds out of their basement and try to run public health policy. And so to fight this, to resist this has been a great legal fight. So so far the Biden administration has already lost on. They try this claim that OSHA has emergency power to give a mandate on the name of health safety at workplaces to mandate everybody get a vaccine. The fifth circuit court of appeals came in and said, "No, you obviously don't. You don't have that power constitutionally andCongress didn't give it to you either anyway." So that was set aside so the OSHA mandate is dead.

The second mandate that they put in was, well, we regulate Medicare. And since we regulate Medicare, we're going to say, if anybody receives any money connected to Medicare in any way, shape or form, and it's a huge portion of the economy, then now you have to vaccine mandate all your employees. Federal court said, "No. Again, the constitution didn't give you that power, Congress didn't give you that power. That's unconstitutional and illegal," and enjoined it and said, "you can't go forward." So that mandate has been set aside.”

Now you have the federal contractor mandate because again, the Biden administration came up every way by hook and by crook to try to impose this mandate on people and claiming the government's ability to make sure, this is particularly apt for your audience, there's a law that says the president should make sure that things are done efficiently, that the things are done economically well.

They use that as the pretext to say they could do a vaccine mandate on everybody, saying, "If we impose a vaccine mandate on everybody, suddenly government services are going to become more efficient." When in fact of course the evidence is it would become far less efficient because it turns out lots of people leaving employment. Up to 10% of employees said they were going to leave rather than take the vaccine. It's Probably not a good way to have a streamlined efficient government services. That too has now been set aside in some courts already.

Then there's the federal employee mandate still pending in federal courts. And then you get to now city and state governments. The San Diego school system has imposed a vaccine mandate, that's being challenged in the courts. There's the city of New York is now expanding and extending its vaccine mandate on its citizens, which have been protested strongly by minority citizens, particularly African Americans and black citizens in the city of New York because they are disproportionately saying they want nothing to do with the vaccine mandate.

They already have a disproportionate high number of people who have already have natural immunity because they already had COVID. And they're like, "I'm sorry, but we don't want to be the subject of government experimentation on our bodies." It turns out black Americans have a history, they understand where that goes, they understand where that's been, just like many native Americans are leading the effort to resist. Why?

Because it turns out they don't like the idea, the government knocking on their door and saying, "We just would like to stick a little something in your kid." That too hasn't had a history of turning out well. And then I'm leading the fight with other lawyers against all these private employer mandates. So Tyson Foods has issued a vaccine mandate, laid off a bunch of people, they called it unpaid leave, which in my world is called being fired. And so we've brought suit against them. They claim that they're doing so on the behalf of the federal government. And so that means they're subject to the same liability as the federal government. There's the religious freedom and restoration act, there's the first amendment, the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment, all of which I think apply in this context. And so we've extended and expanded our suit against Tyson Foods that we brought in Tennessee.

And then we're all, last but not least, going to be bringing suit against the emergency use authorization by the FDA with Bobby Kennedy because what's happening is as you note, they're abusing emergency powers. They're finding all the loopholes that a lot of us said, "Hey, don't give the government that power, they're going to misuse it and abuse it someday. They're going to claim it's a loophole that swallows the rule." And that's exactly what they're doing.

They're saying this emergency use authorization statute allows them to mandate, enforce and approve vaccines on people without meeting the biologic licensing standards that the FDA itself has set, without abiding by the marketing limitations and advertising limitations that the FDA itself has set, without doing the citizen petition process, without doing the notice and comment process, and most egregiously, they now claim this statute allows them to... no court can review their action, no citizen can sue on this.”

If the Emergency Use protocol is lifted, do the vaccine mandates go away?

Barnes tells us, “All the mandates are based on the fact that the FDA has authorized these vaccines. Without FDA authorization, nobody can mandate the vaccine. Now what's fascinating is they're playing a game of its the other person's responsibility, no, it's that person's responsibility. So for example, the FDA, when we sue them, they say, "Oh, it's not our fault that anybody's mandating the vaccine.”

Even though all the people mandating the vaccine are depending upon the FDA authorizing it for that to happen. Indeed, when you sue other people like Tyson Foods, they say, "Oh really, it's FDA's fault because they're the ones who authorized all this." And so they're playing a game of nobody can be sued because it's the other guy's fault.”

Vaccine passports, Big Pharma, The Fed…Who else can you take on?

“It's the ultimate combination of powered authority that especially if you continue to degrade the currency like they are with our inflationary environment, one ultimate solution is going to be basically a digital coin that the government controls. And if you look at what Bill Gates has explicitly been involved in going back to India and other places, it would be something that would be a actual physical chip in your body.

That would be your currency, your identification, your medical records, all of it. And it is as you know, ultimate control and that's what it's about. Because currency is really control these days. Once it became a fiat system, it became a system that is about regulating and controlling what people do. A lot of our tax laws are really about control. I mean, the amount of information people give up, they don't realize.I mean, basically they confess most of their lives on their 1040 each year. Who is my intimate partner? Who is my family? What church do I go to? What party do I give money to? What charities do I care about? Where do I live? How do I live on a daily basis? They're confessing every year in the hopes of getting one more little tax deduction. I mean, it's a genius of the system. It's the ultimate form of censorship and control.

And now of course, it's not a coincidence. The same time the Biden administration is announcing vaccine mandate. It's saying, wouldn't it be nice if we had about another 100,000 IRS agents to rummage through everybody's private information. It's also not a coincidence that the IRS, people don't know this, I brought the biggest Bivens class action on it about 10 years ago, is the main place that gathers people's medical records now in the name of enforcing aspects of Obamacare.”

And The IRS?

“So,” Barnes says, “the IRS has your private medical... Now I was able to stop that because we brought a suit that unraveled it all so they haven't been able to go back and do it since. But that was in my case, they basically stole 60 million medical records of 10 million Americans, including every judge and his family in the state of California. So you find out which judge's kid has got a secret drug problem, which judge's wife or judge himself has got some sort of psychological issue, every movie director, screen actor, all of them, they got all their records, major league baseball players. It was like J. Edgar Hoover's black male wet dream file, is what the IRS was seizing.”

What’s happening with the Vote Council and the vote audit?

“They're doing everything possible to keep a lid on that,” Barnes says. “Whether there's open records act request all over the place about looking at the actual ballots. Because these ballots in many of these states were digitized. So it's like, let's take a look at them. What did they find in Arizona when they looked under the hood? They found ballots that were counted where the signature was literally a straight line. That was the signature, it was just a straight line.

I mean, they didn't even try to fake the signature. It was like, "Hey, watch this. We'll do a straight line and they'll still take the vote." And so there is so much evidence of problematic ballots, what I called constitutionally unqualified ballots that they don't want that process. They don't want what people to look under the hood or to see what's there. And so there's every delay tactic that they can employ, the governments have employed to keep people from seeing what these audits were finding.”

Do you think it’s all going to come out?

“Yeah. Ultimately they can only buy time because you have a right under been records laws to get this information. So in Georgia, it ultimately came out, parts of it in Arizona came out. They're just hoping to buy time so that ideally they wouldn't have to... Well it's like the FDA. The FDA was sued under FOIA for all the records that they looked at related to the vaccine to see how they determined it was safe and effective. And the FDA said, "Judge, we need about 55 years before we can give back to you.”

You and George Gammon are working together to sue The Fed…why?

“So we want all of their records. It's using the freedom of information act to look at everything they did. We ask for all their internal memorandums, internal notes, internal emails, internal comments, their own internal statements about what lawful authority they do or do not have, their own internal documentation about what do they say about the income tax and its limits? Do they say it's okay to do a wealth tax? Do they say it's okay to do a bunch of things that now politicians are flouting in DC? I think we'll find a lot of incriminatory information buried in their own records recognizing own limitations and restrictions.”

Why all the Governmental control?

“I mean, it's the problem inherent to any kind of aggregated governmental power. The people who want control, long ago, an old anarchist friend of mine argued look at who is going to seek positions of power when you create those within a state. It's going to be the worst group of people that seek that power, it's going to be the control freaks and the power freaks. And we're just seeing it on a different scale.

But we're seeing it because I think a lot of the people in positions of power are scared at ordinary people taking their own lives back and asserting their own control and their own power. I like to say that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing people he did not exist, the greatest trick the system ever pulled is convincing people that you cannot resist. The little secret is yes, you can, and as long as you do, then that's what will change the world and you will be the person in power, not these power freaks and control freaks.”