Why Elections Matter

Release date: June 8, 2022
Duration: 45min
Guest(s): Rodney Glassman
Rodney Glassman
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Rodney Glassman, Arizona Attorney General candidate, joins Robert Kiyosaki to discuss law and elections, domestically and internationally.

Give us some insight into your background and why you want to be Attorney General of Arizona?

“I am an Air Force prosecutor; I've prosecuted drug dealers and financial crimes and protected victims of sexual assault. I'm now a major serving in the United States Air Force JAG Corp, a reservist, but assigned on the active-duty side. So, I work alongside the active-duty members and run the legal offices there. But I'll tell you, Robert, I am also a private attorney as you know.

So, in addition to being an Air Force prosecutor and now running active-duty legal offices as a major in the JAG Corp reserve, also a private attorney in town at law firm, Beus Gilbert McGroder.

I practice business law and high stakes litigation. So, I work for companies like U-Haul, Mobile Mini, NASCAR, and also work for business leaders suing for contract fraud. And frankly, I'm running for Attorney General because I know the job of the Attorney General is to protect you and your family. And frankly, my family from the government.

And this is an international show. So, I know probably when most people here protect you from the government, the first thing we all think of is the federal government, because no matter where you're coming from, whether you flew through the United States and you were required to wear a mask on the plane or if you just took your family to Disneyland or Disney world, and you happened to take a bus to get there in the park, you had to wear a mask that was all courtesy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and federal overreach. But additionally, in Arizona and across the country, the number one issue that we're facing right now is illegal immigration. The laws in the United States were the same today as they were when my wife and I graduated from law school in the late 2000s. If you came here illegally, you're to be arrested, you're to be incarcerated and you're to be barred. But we now live in a country where if you come here illegally Joe Biden and Kamala Harris rent you hotel rooms in Scottsdale.”

Most Attorney Generals come from the Government service side of law, correct?

“We live in a state right now where, where the Attorney General has never had a career in the private sector. And as you know, I'm running to be the Republican nominee for Attorney General, my website's rodneyglassman.com. And we're in a six-way Republican primary, where I'm the only one who wrote a check to Donald Trump. I'm the only one that could tell you the name of my last three paying law clients. And if you go to a doctor or a lawyer, you ask, who else have you done work for? And that's the problem. You have to have reasonable expectations of people based on their history.”

Here in Arizona, we have illegal immigrants loading into vans and being driven right past the police. Thoughts?

“We need to build the wall. We need to secure the border. I was just down with the sheriff of Cochise County and Sierra Vista so Southern Arizona and it's a catastrophe. We're under an invasion as a country and you go down and you visit the border and first you see Barack Obama's wall, because he built some wall. And then right next to it, 10 feet higher, you see President Trump's wall. But then you see what's happened because of Joe Biden's executive order. You see materials that were purchased with our tax dollars for more wall that aren't allowed to be installed. You see a dirt road that our border patrol has to drive down with a quarter mile of decomposed granite next to the dirt road that Joe Biden won't let the contractors spread to keep our guys safe. And then you see stadium lighting all along the wall that Joe Biden won't let them plug in to keep our border patrol safe, to keep these people from coming in our country illegally.”

This is what you mean when you say that your job is to protect us from our government?

“It's from the federal government, but here in Arizona and across the country, it's also about protecting citizens from the state. We live in a state where, as you know, it was the government that shut down the restaurants. It was the government that shut down the gyms. It was the government that shut down the churches. And the only person that could have said no, was the elected Attorney General.

And what's interesting, Robert and most people don't realize this, the Attorney General provides all the legal services for every state agency. So, whether it's the Department of Revenue or the Department of Gaming or the real estate commissioner, or the Department of Health Services with all their mandates or, if you have a family, the Department of Education, none of those state agencies have their own attorneys. And so, who you elect is the person in charge of all those at will employees. And you saw in Virginia recently, the Attorney General there got elected and immediately fired the entire civil rights division because they were woke, going left. And that's why you get to hire the attorney you want as your Attorney General.”

You’ve said, ‘the police are under attack’. Tell us what you mean.

“Well, two things are happening. In Arizona and across the country there's a term called qualified immunity. It's a legal precedent and a legal precedent means that one judge can change their mind and it goes away. It's not law. And that qualified immunity is critical because when a police officer has to make split second decisions to protect our families, qualified immunity protects them. So as long as they're following the rules of their department, they can't be sued civilly. In other words, they can make split second decisions about protecting our homes without worrying about being sued for theirs. And there are cities across the state and across the country, Colorado's already done this, New Mexico's already done this where they're trying to get rid of qualified immunity because they don't want people signing up to be police officers. They don't want to keep our community safe. I'm advocating for the codification meaning of law, to make qualified immunity law in Arizona, to protect our police officers. And that's why in a six way, Republican primary, every law enforcement association in the state has endorsed my candidacy because they want an Attorney General to protect them from the government too.”

What is Title 42?

“It’s an Executive order. It keeps people from coming in illegally. And Biden, you have to remember the Democratic game plan, and you can look at New York city, they've shown us their cards. They want people to come here illegally so that they can vote. They're already letting people that are illegal vote in New York. So, we know what the game plan is.

You don't need citizenship anymore. And you spend a lot of time traveling I know. When you go to the airport and you try to go through TSA, when you used to have to wear the mask, you show them your ID, and then they make you pull down the mask. And you're very well-known so maybe they only harass you three times instead of the normal six like they do the rest of us. But it's up, it's down. It's up, it's down. It's up. If you come to the United States illegally under Joe Biden, you get arrested briefly. You get a ticket, not an ID, nothing with your picture on it, you get a ticket. And an illegal person in the United States because of Joe Biden can take that illegal ticket to the same airport that's harassing you, the same TSA person that's making you go up and down with your mask and all they do is show them that piece of paper and they let them get on a plane. And they let them fly out of Phoenix or wherever they are and fly to New York so they can vote or fly to Seattle so they can protest. That is what's going on right now.”

So, the game plan is to stack the deck with human beings?

“That is exactly the Democratic game plan. And I'm not going out on a ledger. You already see them doing it in New York. They're letting them vote. This is what they want. They want as many illegals here as possible, but the challenges and the problems are, and you mentioned the wall, we know, and you know what happens at the border doesn't stop at the border.”

Was the national election and even the Arizona election honest and fair in your opinion?

We saw the only people that day after day and hour after hour kept saying, this is the cleanest fairest election in the history of our country were who the liberal Democrat media. And my wife has taught me, I've been married 12 years now, no matter how many times I say the same thing over and over and over again, it doesn't make it true. And that's the joke of this last election. You had legislators across the country and judges across the country, liberal judges relaxing the voting rules. Here in Arizona, we had two valid forms of ID to register to vote, no one was enforcing it. Ballot harvesting people collecting from strangers and retirement communities and dumping them into boxes, dead people voting all of this and the person whose job it is to enforce the law, the Attorney General was asleep at the wheel here in Arizona. Other places, they were trying to double our state income taxes.

The teacher’s union was dumping 25 million of out-of-state funding. And my record is clear of the six Republicans that are running for Attorney General, I'm the only one that supported President Trump that wrote him a check that did not want Joe Biden in the White House. And so, we need someone who who's going to push back on all these things, because they're just going to keep trying to do it again and again, and now they're reaping the benefits of what they did because they're controlling the government.

Here in Arizona, they wanted to double the income taxes, correct?

“Out-of-state Teachers Union spent 25 million, it went to the Arizona Supreme court. One of my opponents was on the Supreme court at the time. And believe it or not, what they said was we will wait to determine if this is constitutional only if the voters pass it. And because they left it on there, the Teachers Union spent $25 million at a Washington state. 50,000 teachers were going door to door. And if you believe the numbers and I'll say it again, because I know you and I probably don't. If you believe the numbers, President Trump in Arizona still only might have fell short by 10,500 votes, which in politics is a 50/250 vote swing. And $25 million moves 5,000 votes. So, because of them, many of the things that happened in Arizona happened, the only person that could have done something about it, is the Attorney General, but were lucky Robert, because Governor Ducey and the legislature did just pass a flat tax here in Arizona, it's now the new law. That same teacher's union collected signatures to try to refer that to the ballot for 2022 is the wedge issue. But the good news is one of the guys I'm running against, that retired judge, he quit the court to now run for Attorney General to get a $90,000 year law job, because he is never had one before. But what's exciting about that is because he's gone, the new court, guess what they did? They proactively tossed it off the ballot. So, we do not have to worry about it in 2022.”

What are your thoughts on the Supreme Court ‘leak’ regarding Roe V. Wade?

“Well, what I know is the Democrats are getting the Supreme Court confused with the court of public opinion. I believe it was an intentional Democrat leak to put pressure on the court to change their draft decision, to restore rights back to the states. That's what overturning Roe V. Wade does. It restores the rights where they belong back to the individual states. Roe V. Wade, just like we were talking earlier about qualified immunity. Roe V. Wade was never law, just like qualified immunity is on, it was a legal president. A bunch of judges got together and decided that they were going to act like legislators and passed a ruling. And what this new Trump appointed, and I'll say it again because I like saying it, Trump appointed Supreme court.

The Trump appointed Supreme court, what they say in their draft opinion and what we're hoping they're going to say in their final opinion is, no. That the Supreme court does not legislate. This goes back to the states and the individual states who can determine individually how they're going to protect the lives of both the born and unborn citizens of their states because this is not something that the Supreme court should have done.”

What did Roe V. Wade do?

“The Roe V. Wade tried to create law around the issue of abortion and take that right away from the states to pass their own laws. We have a rich tradition in Arizona of being pro life. In fact, in 1873, the Territorial Legislature of Arizona passed an outright prohibition on abortion. It was codified in 1901, that's the law of the land. Recently, our Arizona state legislature just a few weeks ago, passed a law signed by the governor that prohibits abortion except in cases of medical emergency after 15 weeks, because it's the state who's supposed to pass those kinds of laws. Each state's supposed to pass those kinds of laws.

The law depending on the state, will be determined by each legislature. And what the overturning of Roe V Wade will do is it will restore making decisions about those rights to the states. The danger of activist courts like you saw when they didn't throw 2008 off the ballot, the doubling of our income taxes here, or when you saw a former Supreme court trying to pass laws under the guise of legal precedent like Roe V. Wade is once again, you have the wrong branch creeping at the judiciary branch, creeping in and trying to act like legislators. These people that are appointed by governor, by the president, whoever it is, these appointed officials not hired, not accountable to you, the voter and the taxpayer, these judges trying to pass laws through their robes. And that's very dangerous. It's very dangerous for the future of our country.”

You can read more from Rodney Glassman at rodneyglassman.com.