#1 Asset Everyone Can Afford

Release date: October 24, 2022
Duration: 39min
Guest(s): Silver Slayer
Silver Slayer
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Today, silver is hovering around $19 per ounce. Silver—unlike real estate, which can require a lot of money, some finance skills, lots of due diligence, and property management skills to do it well— is affordable to the masses, and management skills are minimal. Just buy some silver, put it in a safety deposit box at a bank, and your management nightmares are over. Today’s guest details how silver is the perfect investment.

Silver Slayer, a silver enthusiast, and YouTuber says, “Silver is used for everything.” The reason this is a good fundamental reason to get into the metal today is that silver stockpiles are dwindling, so its price is driven by supply and demand.

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Silver Slayer, discuss the importance of owning silver, and how it’s the number one asset everyone can afford.