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Positive Precession

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If you’re focused on constant improvement, you’ll make way for unintended but positive consequences

Along your journey of personal development you may find yourself losing some friends. After all, growth of any kind involves change. And while you are building up your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligences, not everyone will be thrilled about it.

In fact, they may very well try to sabotage your efforts. If you find this happening to you just realize it’s not their fault. They are afraid you might be leaving them behind. They haven’t had that ah-ha moment yet. However, this won’t be the case with most of your friends and family. Most of them will be ecstatic about your decision to grow and better yourself.

The thing I want you to consider is this:

Will you be accountable to them or to yourself when time is up?

Eventually, you will run out of time. You’ll be stuck listening to the little voice chatter that says “I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.” That’s a terrible voice to have rattling around the echo chamber between your ears.

A born leader

I’ve always been a natural leader. For whatever reason, I’ve always been drawn to leadership positions. Beginning with the Cub Scouts, then president of my student class, and even the head field manager of the Ohio State football team. Taking the back seat has never been my forfeit.

And even now, though I am still a little nervous speaking in front of groups, I enjoy it. I know it was my life’s purpose.

But even that has morphed over time.

So even though I have been a professional speaker and leader for over three decades, it was only recently that I discovered my true passion.

As I looked back over my career, it wasn’t just public speaking that fueled my soul but what I was doing while I was up on stage: teaching.

It was teaching others and helping them experience their breakthroughs that got me up in the morning.

Too much of a good thing

Fulfilling this mission came at a cost, however. I was traveling a lot. I literally flew around the world twice in opposite directions in less than ten days conducting training programs. I was quickly becoming exhausted.

So like I transitioned from a public speaker to a teacher, I had to grow once again. In order to escape fatigue that could have severe consequences, I knew I had to figure out a way to continue teaching others. I had to figure out how to teach others to teach.

And that’s what I did. I developed a worldwide system of franchise owners who teach entrepreneurs how to be rich. Through self-reflection, assessing, and linking my loves and strengths together, I was able to build the perfect business that both provides for my family and serves the greatest number of people.

I wish I could tell you this was all part of a master plan I had in my mind since college, but I can’t. It was an evolutionary process that was a result of a simple process of engagement, followed by correction, and further engagement.

For example, take the bumble bee. She goes from one flower to the next until she figures out that she likes roses better than daisies. But she only knows that until she has tried enough of both to know better. At first, the bumble bee is frustrated but eventually figures it out.

And so will you. Eventually you will get closer to discovering where your skills and passions connect and your frustrations will subside. Your stress will lessen and your results will improve.

Precessional effects

And that is when you’ll notice the benefits of precession take effect. While you’re working hard at your personal development, you’ll notice other positive things happening in your life. You’ll notice your energy and mood improve, accolades increase and even your bank account.

Original publish date: February 19, 2020

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