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The Powerful Spirit within Your Thoughts

When you’re confident and optimistic, take notice, your “little voice” is talking

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My previous article touched again on your “little voice” and how it’s not always something you’ve directly done that’s responsible for its creation. Many times it’s family, friends, coaches, teachers, employers, you name it, who are responsible.

Throughout my career working with some of the biggest companies in the world, I’ve learned that the thoughts you choose to focus on are the ones that directly influence your attitude and actions.

I used the word “choose” on purpose. The entire purpose of Rich Dad Poor Dad is to help people understand that you have a choice. Robert had his two fathers and their advice, which was often times the complete opposite from each other, provided different roads for Robert to take.

But Robert’s not the only person who has the choice to take the road less traveled.

We all do.

Hold on for Dear Life

And, just like Robert, we all have a spirit deep inside us. That is our ultimate “little voice.” When things align just right and you’re doing things without doubts (regardless of the results), you’re inline with your spirit.

Don’t let anyone take that from you.

No one! Ever!

There are moments in everyone’s life, when you feel like you can take on the world.

Stop and pay attention to it. Take a mental snapshot in your head of that feeling.

When you feel like a legend in your own mind your “little voice” is pumping you up. When you say things like “That’s how you make that sales call!” or “Let’s do this!”... and mean it. Your “little voice” goes crazy, it’s so excited. In my experience, THAT is your true “little voice.”

In the programs I conduct, whether it’s sales training, team training, or personal development training, the objective is always the same: get people to feel good about who THEY are.

Not who their boss, spouse, children, pastor, or parents want them to be. When people are confident and optimistic, when they are living out their true “little voice”, that’s when they are their true self.

The “Gentle Genius”

When we were younger and diving deep into personal development, Robert and I had one of the most memorable opportunities of our lives studying under one of the greatest American minds ever, Bucky Fuller.

Of all the lessons I learned from Bucky, it was probably his belief that everyone was born a genius that made the greatest impact.

I completely agree. However, as we grow, that other “little voice” starts accumulating in our heads. All that trash eventually gains so much power and momentum that it overtakes our natural positive voice.

After Robert and I finished studying under Bucky, he later went into a very dark place. At one point, he even tried to take his own life. But it was during his swim into the waters of Lake Michigan that his true self decided to speak up.

Paraphrasing, his voice told him he has no right to eliminate himself. He belonged to the universe. Though his true significance will forever remain a mystery to him, he is fulfilling his purpose if he commits himself to the highest advantage of others.

Bucky’s story resonates to me this day. Nothing, and no one, is born without purpose. We all have something to give.

It’s easy to see how a genius like Bucky Fuller, or a world famous real estate mogul like Robert Kiyosaki, create value to this planet. But everyone, even you and I, belong to the universe. Indeed, we were put her for a reason.

The reason might not be clear to your now, but with time you will get the clarity you seek.

Pretty interesting stuff, right? If you want to learn more about mastering your little voice, get a copy of my book, Little Voice Mastery.

Original publish date: December 13, 2018

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