CASHFLOW for Kids®

CASHFLOW the Boardgame

So fun they’ll forget that they’re learning.

Can teaching kids financial lessons be fun? The newly refined CASHFLOW for Kids game emphatically answers, “Yes!” Learn core principles of cashflow, capital gains, assets and liabilities in a fun, easy-to-understand game. Now your game nights can be fun and educational!

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CASHFLOW for Kids being played

Play and learn...together.

Schools teach kids how to work for money. Playing CASHFLOW for Kids teaches them how to make money work for them. Using fun, real-world examples, kids get to practice investing—acquiring assets and dealing with the perils of liabilities. Parents and kids can talk about their plans for escaping the rat race.

“After we played CASHFLOW for Kids for the first time, my kids wanted to know if the red tokens (liabilities) were for real and if we had any in our life. It was eye-opening to have them learn that we sometimes spend money on things that don’t bring in any returns. The value of my kids learning these lessons is priceless!“ - Matt S.

Using games to teach valuable lessons.

When we play, it is the truest example of our real life behavior. Kids learn lessons by playing games—it’s the best way for them to practice character and habits that they’ll use later in life. CASHFLOW for Kids helps develop a strong foundation of financial intelligence and encourages kids to use their money wisely.

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Online games

Take what you’ve learned from CASHFLOW for Kids online. Play short, financial mini-games at

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