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cashflow the board game
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Since the game’s release in 1996, CASHFLOW has been played by hundreds of thousands of families around the world transforming millions of lives, making it one of the most popular board games ever.

What is the CASHFLOW game?

rich dad poor dad 3d book

CASHFLOW (originally titled CASHFLOW 101) is an educational board game built upon the lessons from the New York Times best-seller in personal finance, Rich Dad Poor Dad. In the industry-challenging, thought-provoking book, author Robert Kiyosaki explains what the rich teach their children about money that the poor and middle-class do not.

cashflow 101 box

Because CASHFLOW was developed out of the all-time best-selling book on personal finance, it has grown to become one of the best investing games ever created.

But CASHFLOW isn’t your average financial literacy game. The award-winning personal finance game uses the best components of stock investing games, business building games, and real estate investing games to challenge your perception of how to generate and sustain wealth.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to invest but fear losing money in the process, playing CASHFLOW will show you how to change your financial habits and pin point where growth could happen in your life—if you were to only implement what you learned.

What Will Happen When You Play The Educational Game, CASHFLOW?

In a word: transformation.

But don’t take our word for it.

According to one father, his kids are rethinking their college majors after looking over the different careers and the financial tract they are, or are not, based on who they are in the game.

Mom, Kadee, has a 7 year old son who sums it up even better, “Mom, if people with great jobs could just learn to be happy with less, they could have passive income so much easier.”

Well said young man... well said.

boy celebrating a winning game of cashflow

What Will Playing CASHFLOW The Board Game Do For You?

CASHFLOW won’t teach you how to get a promotion or find a better job… but it will enable you to travel the world, cure a disease or save the rainforest… if that’s your dream. This simple board game about money will give you the motivation and roadmap to retire young and rich, giving you a better life for you and your family… all through game play!

How? By teaching you investing strategies, thoughts, mindsets and secrets of money creation that only the rich know.

Can a board game really do all that?


cashflow dreams

By playing CASHFLOW, you will first...

Discover What Financial Habits Keep You Stuck In The Rat Race

woman getting out of the rat race

People are creatures of habit. And it’s only when we are forced to change our habits by outside forces that we take action.

But first, in order to make any change in our life, we need to become aware of our habits. We need to understand who we are and that takes emotional intelligence.

You may find yourself constantly asking yourself questions like...

Why am I’m always out of money? How come I can’t get out of debt? Why am I still poor?

Playing CASHFLOW the board game will help you accelerate your financial education by helping you uncover the mystery behind your current spending habits.

Once you realize what drives your spending habits you can make the decision to shift your mindset and make money like the rich.

And just like the rich make money differently than the poor and middle-class, they also keep and spend their money differently, too.

After you discover your habits playing CASHFLOW, you will…

Realize It’s Not How Much Money You Make—But How Much You Keep—That Determines Your Wealth

not what you make but what you keep

Just like Kadee’s son recognized, it’s not how much money you make at your job that determines whether or not you’re rich but how you earn the money that makes the difference.

Money you make working at a job or owning a small business is called earned income. But earned income is only one of three ways you can make money.

And within minutes of playing CASHFLOW, you will...


Understand How The Rich Make Money Differently Than The Poor And Middle-Class

business man holding little money

In real life, most people go to work and earn a paycheck, or earned income. Playing CASHFLOW will help you understand why the rich spend their time pursuing something different: portfolio income and—ultimately—passive income.

Firstly, there is portfolio income. This is how stock traders traditionally make their money. They invest money in stocks they feel are undervalued now with the expectation that when the prices rises they can sell those same stocks for a capital gain.

Though you can make a lot of money with portfolio income, it’s not how the rich become truly wealthy.


The truly rich—the ones who have multiple houses and seem to never have a care in the world—create money with passive income.

Passive income, or cash flow, is how the rich become financially free.

And therein lies the secret to winning the game of life—and CASHFLOW

… understanding the differences between the three types of income: earned, portfolio, and passive.

It’s the secret of the rich—earning passive income—that allows them to exit the Rat Race and flourish in the Fast Track.


business woman holding a lot of money

The Rich Understand Why Passive Income—Not Earned Or Portfolio Income—Is The True Path To Success

See, the rich don’t spend their time at a job earning a paycheck only to put money in the bank with hopes of having enough to retire one day. And timing the stock market with hopes of increasing portfolio income can be risky… often times too risky. To become truly wealthy, the rich spend their time creating passive income.

How do they do it?

Two words: Cash. Flow.

cashflow the board game automated business big deal card

And only by playing CASHFLOW can you…

Master The Ability To Acquire Assets

Again, the rich don’t work for money… they work to acquire assets.

And what’s an asset?

An asset is something that puts money in your pocket...

… a liability, however, is anything that takes money out of your pocket.

The board game of CASHFLOW showcases how to create valuable cash-flowing assets that put money in your pocket while eliminating the liabilities that drain your wallet.

But what good is learning to create passive income if you can’t pass it on to you children.

assets put money in your pocket

Build A Legacy For Generations

Parents want what’s best for their kids. Whether it’s promoting a healthy diet, limiting time in front of technology or urging them to study hard and attend a great college, parents will do anything to give their children an advantage.

And what better way to equip them for the realities of life than by supplementing their financial education with family bonding over a game of CASHFLOW?

“I never realized how much I would love this game! The best part is my 8 year old asks me if we can play the ‘rat game' together. Thank you Rich Dad for the legacy that you’re building for our family.” - A.C. Harper (Amazon)

Just like A.C., CASHFLOW can provide amazing transformations to anyone willing to play—young and old alike.

Start A New Legacy For Family Fun Night

cashflow the board game

Play CASHFLOW and...

Discover what financial habits keep you stuck in the Rat Race (and how shifting your mindset can help you change your habits)

Understand how to turn ordinary earned income into positive passive income (WITHOUT slaving away at a job)

Master the ability to acquire cash-flowing assets (while limiting money-sucking liabilities)

Enjoy an exciting new way to bond with your family (while raising their financial IQ at the same time!)