Political Tactics: Taxation, Stagflation, Devaluation

Release date: August 5, 2020
Duration: 47min
Guest(s): Tom Wheelwright
Tom Wheelwright

The economy can be divided into two eras: Before Coronavirus (BC) and After Coronavirus (AC) and it all comes down to taxes. And as the United States faces a presidential election in less than 100 days, there’s a great debate as to which candidate’s policies are best for the taxpayers.

If you earn your income on the left side of the quadrant—through ordinary income—the only tax break you have is to buy a bigger house and go into greater debt. But the rich have scores of tax breaks offered to them by the government to encourage investment and business development, which generates more jobs.

The big question is which candidate’s tax plan will benefit the job creators?

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Rich Dad Tax Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, to discuss the political tactics being used to sway constituents this election cycle, and what entrepreneurs can start doing today to pay fewer taxes.

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