“Ask Robert” April 2011

“Ask Robert” April 2011

I'm sure many of you watched the budget battle in Washington this week. Roman politicians were famous for giving bread and throwing circuses in order to placate the people. This week American citizens were given their own circus as politicians postured and positioned to get the upper hand in the budget battle. I wasn't surprised to see the politicians come to a last minute deal to "keep the government in business." After all, they don't want to lose votes. In the end, the budget deal placates but it doesn't solve the problem.

If you've read the Rich Dad blog for some time, you weren't surprised by this budget battle. I've talked about it, and the even bigger, potentially more explosive battles that are still coming in the next few months, in a number of posts. You can catch up on by reading these posts: "The Boiling Point" and "The Showdown".

Also, read these articles to get a recap on the budget battle this week.

"Congress Jousts at Budget Clock Ticks"

"Budget Deal to Cut $38 Billion Averts Shutdown"

"Is the Budget Deal a Game Changer?"

Naturally, this week's showdown brings many questions to mind. So, it's a great time for this month's Ask Robert.

Post your questions about the budget fight or anything that's on your mind in the comments below. As always, I'll pick one question to answer and will post my response this Friday.

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- Robert Kiyosaki

Original publish date: April 12, 2011