It’s just money

"It's just money." This is a statement that can be both empowering and dangerous, depending on how it is used.

"It's just money" is usually used to point out that there are more important things in life than money - and that's certainly true. A lot of misery can come from being obsessed with acquiring money when it is done at the expense of not enjoying life, losing relationships, and becoming disconnected from one's higher purpose. Sometimes when we experience a financial loss or take a financial risk it helps to put things in perspective by reminding ourselves that "it's just money." 

That being said, it's also important to acknowledge the reality that money does play an important and influential role in our lives. While we shouldn't treat money as the most important thing, we also shouldn't be sloppy about managing our finances. How much money we have can affect our choices, our health, our lifestyle, and so much more - so if we want to build a great life we need to be smart with our money. 

The bottom line is this: Take your money seriously by learning to become financially savvy about managing and growing your money. On those occasions when you do lose money, learn from the experience, then remind yourself: "It's just money - I can always get more."

Original publish date: August 10, 2010