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Stay Comfortable, Stay Stuck

Push Yourself for Financial Freedom

I’m working out at my gym last week and I notice one of the trainers, Mark, talking to a police officer dressed in full uniform, gun and all. I asked him if she was going to train with him. He shook his head in frustration and said, “She’s been coming in and talking to me for months. She wants to lose about thirty pounds, but she’s just not willing to do what she needs to do to lose the weight.” Then he laughed and added, “I guess as long as she has her gun and her Taser she doesn’t need to be too fit or too fast.” I asked Mark, “Why do you think she won’t commit to train with you?” “I don’t know.” was all he said.

About a half hour later, Mark came up to me in the middle of my crunches and said, “I think the main reason why people don’t commit to exercise is that they don’t want to be uncomfortable. They don’t want to work hard. They don’t want to push themselves.” Then he made a statement that I think is the key to success in anything you take on. He said,

“You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Be Uncomfortable to Obtain Financial Freedom.

If you want to be a successful investor, then there will be times when you will be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable can show up in all sorts of forms. The obvious one is when you lose money.

Discomfort can set in when attending an investment presentation after an exhausting day at work, making a “sales pitch” to a friend or associate to invest in your deal, asking an expert for a few minutes of her time to give you input on an investment you’re considering, parting with your money to purchase an investment, even turning off the TV to read an investing book or newsletter, and the list goes on and on and on. Face it; pushing yourself to be better will be uncomfortable at times.

This applies to anything you want to be great at. To be a successful businesswoman, a star athlete or an award-winning actor takes putting yourself into situations that will challenge you, where you will make mistakes and that will push back at you until you have that breakthrough. If you set a goal that is big enough so that you don’t know if you will accomplish it, then you are setting the stage for many uncomfortable moments. Ideally, this will lead to breakthroughs or “rising time” moments. This is why my friend’s statement is so true for anyone who takes on a challenge, such as becoming financially independent… You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Have you had an uncomfortable moment that helped you become a better investor or entrepreneur? Please share your thoughts below.

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Original publish date: February 24, 2012