No such thing as “job security”

Do you have a safe, secure job? Many people used to think so, but are now realizing that the idea of a “secure” job is more illusion than reality.

Fortunately, some women are viewing the loss of their job as an opportunity… to start their own business.

Today I came across a story of a Long Beach woman who was laid off and took the opportunity to open an upscale retail boutique. She had drawn up a business plan 12 years ago and admits that she wouldn’t have taken the leap without the layoff to provide the motivation. Fortunately, she spent those years as an employee learning many valuable skills that are helping her succeed as a business owner. Read the full story here.

Even if you’ve still got your job, there’s no time like the present to consider your backup plans – What would you do if you were laid off? How would you support yourself and/or your family? How can you be proactive and begin taking control of your financial future on your terms?

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