I welcome people and experiences into my life that support me and encourage my efforts to achieve financial independence.

Is it possible to achieve success by osmosis? Not entirely, since you have to put in plenty of effort personally in order to reach your goals. However, hanging out with other success-minded people will certainly leverage your own efforts. What you read, see, hear, and experience also can have a big impact.

Take a moment to think about who and what makes you feel happy and energized. Then think about who and what drags you down and makes you feel deflated. Write out a list for both. It might include family members, friends, co-workers, going to certain events, what you watch on TV, etc. Sometimes the same person or experience will be on both lists. This exercise will tell you the sources of the positive and negative energy you are getting from your current surroundings. The next step is to figure out how you will reduce or eliminate the negative sources and how you will spend more time with positive influences.

You can also add inspiration to your life in little ways by using affirmation statements, listening to self-improvement audio books, and posting inspirational messages and notes about your goals around your house.

How has inspiration helped YOU overcome challenges in your life? Post your comments below.

Original publish date: October 06, 2010