“Ask Robert” September 2010

“Ask Robert” September 2010

Last month we kicked off a new feature here at the blog called, "Ask Robert." As I expressed in the introduction to that feature, I've appreciated the community that has been built around this blog.

Yet, because of my schedule I'm not able to respond directly to most comments. But I do see them. And I also see that there are many questions that you have regarding financial advice and the economy. These are often good questions, and I wish I could answer every one of them. Practically speaking that's not possible.

I was highly encouraged by everyone's participation in Ask Robert last month, and so without further ado, please post your comments or questions in the comment section, and I'll post up a response later this week to one comment or question. Make sure to spread the word through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and let's get a good set of questions to choose from.

Thanks again for reading the blog, and I'm looking forward to answering your questions.

– Robert Kiyosaki

Original publish date: September 14, 2010