I don’t allow my fear to stop me. I control my fear and keep going.

We've all had those moments - the moments when we have to decide if we are going to push forward or step back, go for our dreams or stick with what feels safe and comfortable. 

My hands were shaking when I signed the documents to buy my first rental property. I'd done my due diligence and thought it was a good investment, but the doubts and fears were still there. "What if something goes wrong? What if I missed something?" But I knew that I had to move forward if I was going to become an investor, even if it meant that I made some mistakes along the way.

My first property wasn't the last time I had fears or doubts. What I've learned is that fear and doubt are always there. Sometimes your fear is driven by instincts warning you away from a bad situation. And sometimes your fear stems from the unknown and the instinctive desire to stick with what you know. Your fear can protect you but it can also keep you trapped. 

Courage isn't about not having fear. Courage is about understanding your fear and exercising your power to overcome it when it stands in your way.

A courageous Rich Woman is in control of her fear, and as a result, is in control of her life.

How has courage helped YOU take control of your life? Post your comments below.

Original publish date: September 28, 2010