Students and Entrepreneurs Gather Together to Learn Rich Dad Concepts in Shanghai

Posted on: Monday, May 28, 2012

Students and Entrepreneurs Gather Together to Learn Rich Dad Concepts in Shanghai

Shanghai, China – China played host to Robert and the rest of the Rich Dad team last week in Rich Dad’s most recent stop on the Tour of Asia.  In addition to hundreds of enthusiastic Chinese entrepreneurs, Robert and Kim had the opportunity to speak with over forty university students specially selected from an essay writing competition. These students represent the future of entrepreneurship in China and Rich Dad is honored to shape these young minds.

The political and ideological differences of the US and China may be numerous, but the goal of prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit is universal. China has seen an explosion, not only in property construction, but leveraging of that property by those who know how to work within the system. While the rules of property ownership in China differ greatly from America, the concepts of leveraging debt to create cash flow can be applied anywhere by those with vision.

World economist Richard Duncan gave the attendees a great deal to ponder regarding the symbiotic relationship of America and China’s respective economies. If one fails, the other is sure to follow. This can spell disaster for those who sit back and wait but not for those who take the time and steps to prepare.
Robert and Kim have rarely seen a more passionate crowd, encountering a rock star level response. We hope we gave all in attendance a great deal to think about and no shortage of inspiration for their future.

Thank you, Shanghai!

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