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Spiritual Leaders

The world economy is in trouble. The world needs jobs. And the world needs entrepreneurs. Governments cannot create real jobs. The world needs entrepreneurs because only real entrepreneurs can create real and sustainable jobs and real, lasting prosperity.

Simply put, when our government creates jobs our taxes increase. When taxes increase, life becomes more expensive, people suffer, our economy suffers, and our country grows weaker. When entrepreneurs create jobs, those jobs generate taxes, our debt goes down, we export, and our country grows stronger.

I believe that the men and women of the armed services have the unique skills and training to be great entrepreneurs. You can be a great entrepreneur too, just learn the lessons of leadership. I think a great place to learn leadership is the military.

Words and the Entrepreneur

When I left the military and joined the corporate world, I was shocked to hear people repeatedly saying, “I can’t.” And “I might.” They used words like “I’ll try” and “I might” or “I hope”. Those words are forbidden in the Marine Corps. Those words are forbidden in the Rich Dad offices too.

Words are powerful. They can build your spirit or they can destroy your spirit.

In the military, the words leaders speak are spiritual words, coming from the heart and originating in their souls. Military education begins by teaching everyone to speak spiritual words, words like mission, courage, duty, honor, service, and code.

People who speak words that come from their souls inspire their spirit and become great warriors, entrepreneurs, and leaders in all walks of life.

I just wrote 8 Lessons In Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs so I could teach you this lesson and many more lessons learned through my training in the Marines. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then this book will teach you some important and hard lessons.

Original publish date: May 26, 2015

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