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The Grinch Who Loved The Holidays

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“Oh good, the holidays are near”
Said the Grinch with celebration cheer.

“People will spend and use debt to buy unnecessary things,
And then they gather around some dumb tree and sing, sing, sing.

“Further and further into debt will they go,
All the while laughing ‘Happy holidays ho ho ho.’

“Then a month later their eyes will tear
When they see their credit card bill suddenly appear.

“Yes the holidays are grand and a total delight
As they dream about sugar plums all through the night.

“Wrack ’em up, wrack ’em up, wrack ’em up all
Watching you go broke for me is a ball.

So the Grinch who loves celebrations revealed a big fat grin
That is until he saw a new gift much to his chagrin.

A fun new board game that made players smart.
What was this new thing that made pains in his heart?

A game that taught wisdom and financial brains.
A game that taught investing and financial gains!

“No this cannot be” the Grinch cried out loud.
CASHFLOW the board game must not be allowed!

And so the Grinch slouched and grumbled and mumbled some more.
He had been never been bested by a board game before.

So let that be a lesson to one and all,
The game of CASHFLOW is the best holiday haul.

May this be the best celebration you’ve ever had.
Happy holidays to you from your friends at Rich Dad.

Original publish date: November 28, 2020

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