Kim Kiyosaki on stage teaching the Rich Dad philosophy

3 Tips for Overcoming Fear

Move beyond your comfort zone, and you’ll be free to follow your dreams

It’s a four-letter word we let control us far too often, possibly without even realizing it: FEAR. Perhaps you are yearning to move to Italy, but keep pushing it off because you aren’t quite sure how you’ll make ends meet. That’s fear preventing you from making the move and trusting you’ll make all the details work. Maybe you want to quit your miserable corporate accounting job to open the cupcake shop you’ve been daydreaming about since high school, but worry about the lack of stability and benefits. That’s fear, once again, rearing its ugly head. Or perhaps you’ve been reading the Rich Dad teachings for years and want so badly to make your first real estate investment, but haven’t moved forward because your uncle’s neighbor’s hairdresser once lost some money on a rental property. Yup, fear has a firm hold on you.

When Fear Paralyzes You

If any of these examples rings true, then you have to find a way to banish this dirty word from your vocabulary—and, more importantly, from your subconscious. Fear holds you back from achieving your financial dreams, from growing both personally and professionally, from reaching your true potential, and from living your best life. Why do we give fear so much power and let it paralyze us from making changes and moving forward? Because most people are risk-averse, and want to avoid embarrassing mistakes or painful lessons. A certain level of fear is normal, even helpful, but there’s a fine line you must straddle between overly cautious and carefree.

Every successful business person I know took risks and put plans into action in order to reach the top. Sure, they were scared, but their desire to reach their goal surpassed that fear. There are so many opportunities available to you—especially in the world of investing and entrepreneurship—that once you let the fear go, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take action sooner! So let’s explore a few tips for getting past the paralyzing fear:

  1. Create a plan. While some people fly by the seat of their pants, most others need to have a detailed plan in place to make a major life change. Start by setting clear goals and then create a detailed strategy for how you will achieve those goals. Then, and here’s the kicker, you must take action. Start with an easy step. Once you cross something off your overwhelming to-do list, you’ll feel relieved. You’ll gain some traction and that momentum will make you excited to tackle the next item on your list. If you’re truly working on something you’re passionate about, you’ll be invigorated by the progress you’re making each day.
  2. Look fear in the eyes. If you’ve been living life smack dab in the center of your comfort zone, then you’re missing out on a world of opportunities. Whether it’s taking a hot air balloon ride, making a five-course dinner or taking a different route to the office, it’s invigorating to break out of the box you’re stuck in. Once you’ve conquered tasks along those lines, it’ll be easier to tackle other fears. Being just a little uncomfortable is OK, and the courage you gain from the experience will help you break down future barriers.
  3. Adopt a mantra. If you find yourself backing down from your dreams because your inner critic is constantly planting seeds of negativity and doubt, it’s helpful to find ways to block out that noise. Read inspiring books or blogs from successful entrepreneurs who came from nothing, practice guided meditations that deliver powerfully positive messages, repeat mantras or affirmations throughout the day (or write them on sticky notes and put them in various places around your home and office), or check out these inspiring quotes to help you overcome the fear of failure. Your mind is powerful, so use that power for good.

Everywhere I look, I see countless opportunities available for aspiring investors and entrepreneurs, and you, yes YOU, deserve to capitalize on them. Remember, it’s OK to fail—as long as you fail forward. Take charge, today, by working on the three steps listed above and see where it takes you over the next few months.

Original publish date: August 02, 2018