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What is Your WHY?

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This is an important question to ask yourself when taking on a new venture, whether it’s a new business, deciding on if you are going to invest, setting goals or even considering a new job. On a psychological and passion level, your "why" is what motivates you, continues forward movement and drives you to achieve your goals.

Even if the goal is providing the basics for your family, to have a better life for your children, invest in your first property, expand your business, create a rich life, run a marathon, etc. The "WHY" is important. It’s what’s going to get you out of bed in the morning; it’s what will keep you going when the times get tough. Your "why" is a great motivator in anything you do.

If your "WHY"  is to just make more money, look deeper at the reasoning behind why you want to make more money. Attach to it on an emotional level, something that will keep the interest and rewarding.

One of the questions myself or my directors ask interviewee’s is “why do they want to work for Journey Healing Centers, or what is their "why" for wanting to be in the addiction field”. Most of us have some personal connection to addiction so there is a strong why for being there. As with any company, there are ups and downs, in addiction there are ups, downs, life and death. The  "WHY"  gets us through the down side of addiction. Even our employee’s have a “why” to the mission, it keeps them connected to the field and they aren’t there just for a job or paycheck, that just one of the results of working there.

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When looking at investments, it may seem silly to ask what is your why to invest, but your answers are there. Maybe it’s as simple as providing Cashflow for your family outside of income thru a job or you are passionate about providing housing to families.

On goal setting, one thing I do is post my yearly goals (health, wealth and happiness) on my refrigerator and cross them off as I accomplish them. I don’t always obtain all of them but at the end of the year I review them and look at my "why" for having it as a goal. Is it something I want to put on the next years goal list or do I alter it so the "why" is stronger, or do I change the end result/reward to make it more exciting or rewarding to obtain.

In looking at your goals, ask yourself what is your "why". Why do you want to accomplish it? Some goals will have a stronger "why" than others but knowing why you want to accomplish or do something will make the journey to it a lot easier.

Original publish date: October 10, 2012

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