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Why Donald Trump is (Still) What America Needs

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The importance of real leadership, not policy

Well, the unthinkable-at least by some people's viewpoint-happened. Donald Trump became the president-elect of the United States of America. During this election, I've been clear on my support for Trump, who is both a friend and a co-author. I've also been adamant about my belief that when it comes to your financial well-being it doesn't matter who was president.

How can I hold these two seemingly opposing positions? A little context is helpful.

The poor getting poorer

Unless you've been under a rock this week, and quite possibly you have just to get away from all the news coverage, it's clear that a surge of working-class, white, rural voters propelled Trump into the presidency. These are the people Trump referred to in his acceptance speech as "forgotten." And he's right. They have been forgotten.

I've detailed throughout this election how the middle class is being decimated. Just read, "The Reason You Feel (and Are) Poorer" and "Why the Middle Class is Screwed".

If you want to dig really deep, read The Wall Street Journal's series, "The Great Unraveling".

The long and short of it is there are millions upon millions of Americans who really, truly don't feel that America is great…not for them or their families. Millions upon millions of Americans who are struggling mightily financially and who are losing ground each day.

The poor do not need more government

Now here's the problem. They think that a president and the government can solve their problems. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. Can the economic policies of Trump help some people marginally? We shall see. There is a lot he will have to contend with both at home and abroad. But it is very doubtful that he can fundamentally change the lives of these forgotten people through government alone. This will be the fundamental challenge of his presidency-to appease the very people who put so much hope in him…just as many people put their faith in Obama and have been let down.

So where will Trump make the greatest impact?

The poor need a model

As I wrote in my article for Jetset Magazine, "Why America Needs Donald Trump":

Donald believes in teaching hardworking Americans to develop the mindset and skillset needed to get ahead in this economy as entrepreneurs. They must become truly successful by creating jobs, rather than looking for jobs. People often say, "Our children are our future," and Donald knows we need to prepare our children for a very different future, which is why financial education is so important. In a world where lower-wage countries are taking our jobs, we need to teach our students how to create jobs. Donald Trump is the only candidate who understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur who creates jobs. He is the only candidate who knows how to best address our economic problems by strengthening the global business partnerships that are essential to our nation's success.

The greatest thing a Trump presidency can do for the American working class is to help them reorient their mindset from one that looks for others to solve their problems to one that looks within both individually and as communities to solve their problems.

In the process, some of Trump's policies can help make this easier.

  • Giving more power to states empowers local politicians who can make real change on the ground.
  • Cutting loopholes for large corporations to ship jobs overseas provides stability and an even playing ground for up-and-coming entrepreneurs
  • Lowering tax rates for individuals and businesses will stimulate growth and lower risk
  • And restructuring the healthcare system and stemming the alarmingly-high rising costs of health insurance will allow people to strike out on their own more easily

But none of these things will in and of themselves solve the problems plaguing the working class. Only they can do that for themselves. They'll have a helping hand, but it is ultimately in their hands-and yours.

What a Trump presidency will do is provide a model for all Americans of what a successful businessperson and entrepreneur looks like, how they lead, and how they inspire others to succeed around them. I stand by my words, that is what America needs.

Original publish date: November 15, 2016

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