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The Three Investment Values…and What Their Order Means For You

Why your priorities determine your success

Rich dad said, “When it comes to money and investing, people have three fundamental reasons or choices for investing—to be:

  • Secure,
  • Comfortable, or
  • Rich.”

Rich dad stressed that all three choices were important, but he said that the difference between those who were wealthy and those who were not could be found in the way they prioritized those choices.

Most people make money in the order of choices listed above. This means that their first priority is security, followed by comfort, and finally to be rich. This is why most people make job security their priority. After they have a secure job, they focus on comfort. Being wealthy is the last focus.

“For most people,” rich dad said, “if becoming rich disturbs their comfort or makes them feel insecure, they will forsake becoming rich.”

Rich or happy?

Often, you hear these types of people say, “I’d rather be happy than be rich.” This is always astounding to me. I have been both rich and poor. In both situations, I was also both happy and unhappy at various times. I wonder why people think they have to choose between happiness and wealth.

What I think people are really saying is, “I’d rather feel secure and comfortable than rich.” That is because, when they feel insecure or uncomfortable they are not happy.

And this is an important point. When it comes to most people I know that are very successful, they are willing to feel insecure and uncomfortable to achieve that success. In other words, they are happy to make the sacrifices and take the risks needed.

Different priorities

Those who are wealthy have made different priorities than most people. It looks like this:

  • Rich,
  • Comfortable,
  • Secure

When it comes to money and investing, all three are important. Which order you put them in is a very personal decision that should not be made lightly—but should be made before beginning to invest.

My poor dad put security as his number one priority. My rich dad put wealth as his number one priority. It’s important that you decide which is most important for you.

What’s your choice?

To be rich, comfortable, and secure are personal core values. One is not better than the other. I do know, however, that making the choice of which core values are most important to you often has a significant long-term impact upon the kind of life you live.

It’s important to know which core values are most important to you, especially when it comes to the subject of money and financial planning.

Today, you might want to take the time to list the order of your values. You may need to work through your true feelings in the process. Talk seriously with your spouse or mentor. Make “pro” and “con” lists.

But I promise you this, knowing your personal priorities will save you many agonizing decisions and sleepless nights later in life.

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Original publish date: March 11, 2014

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