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Kim Kiyosaki’s Top Blog Posts of 2022

In 2022, I focused a lot on empowering women to take the leap towards financial freedom. Here are the most important blogs I wrote throughout the year.

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Women, Are You Financially Free?

Many of you have been introduced to our CASHFLOW quadrant; for others, this is a new concept. In short, our diagram identifies the four different ways to make money:

  1. Employee
  2. Small business/self-employment
  3. Big business
  4. Investing

In this blog, we discuss how to transition from the left side of the quadrant (employee & self - employment) to the right side of the business (big business & investing).

Key to Success in Business: An Entrepreneurial Spirit

On your journey to financial freedom, trust me when I say you may experience your lowest lows. I remember times when I could have easily given up on my dreams of the future. Despite the many hardships, I made the decision not to feel sorry for myself, and to take control of my future and get to work. This is when I learned that the key to my success was the relentless grit of my entrepreneurial spirit.

Raising Capital: The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide

One of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur is your ability to raise capital - this always comes down to your ability to sell. So, what exactly are you selling?

At Rich Dad, we call capital Other People’s Money (OPM). And it’s an essential element to the world of investing. But it’s not easy. In this blog, we’ll give you some guidance as you start your investment journey.

Financial Advice for Women: Some Tips for Successful Financial Planning

“Every woman has a chance at financial freedom; here’s a little advice.”

Let’s face it, there are a ton of unsavory people out there giving women ridiculous “advice” pertaining to their financial future. My first bit of advice: find the right partners for success - they will truly be invested in helping you attain your financial freedom. Check out this blog to see more tips to help you along the way.

Personal Development

Leaning on Other Women Leads to Success

One thing to keep in mind, there is no such thing as a “self made millionaire.” Anyone who is making a million dollars or more consistently isn’t doing it alone. It’s especially important for women to understand this because of how marginalized we are in the world of money. It’s crucial that we lean on one another as we take - and pave - the path to financial freedom.

Rise Up and Deal with Turbulence!

No woman is a stranger to challenges - or turbulence, as I call it. The question is: how do you deal with turbulence in your life? There is no way you’re going to reach your financial goals if you don’t confront your turbulence head-on. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips on how to do so.

Do You Need a Coach or a Mentor?

When building your support structure to help you reach your goals, it’s important to include coaches and mentors. These are people who teach you how to reach your goals, while providing experience and guidance. But what’s the difference, and which one do you need?

Personal Finance

Create a Personal Financial Plan with 3 Simple Steps

The Cinderella Complex. Come on, women. We’re all familiar with it: go from rags to riches, get swept off your feet by the prince and live happily ever after. With age we’ve come to learn that not only is this unlikely to happen, it usually becomes more of an imprisonment than a fairy tale. That’s why it’s important for every woman to have their own financial plan.

Cash Flow vs Capital Gains: Understanding the 2 Types of Investment Income

Financial freedom is about knowing how to invest. Understanding the difference between cash flow and capital gains is essential for this part of your journey. Here’s a quick overview:

Capital gains is essentially the buying and selling for profit, whereas cash flow is the buying and holding over a period of time to generate income on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Read this blog to learn more about these two types of investment income.

Women: Should You Live Below Your Means?

One misconception about finances is that the path to richness requires living below your means. It’s a shock to many people when we stand firm with the belief that living below your means has absolutely nothing to do with having a secure and financially free life. Instead of living below your means, consider increasing your income.

Real Estate

Why Real Estate? Cash Flow!

One of the best things about purchasing real estate for cash flow, as opposed to capital gains, is the domino effect that occurs as a result. You don’t need to acquire hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings in order to reach financial freedom - because cash flow breeds more cash flow.

The (Many) Pros and (Few) Cons of Real Estate Investing (And How to Get Started Now!)

Robert and I began investing in small, single-family homes in the late 1980s. Eventually we purchased a six-unit apartment building, and now own more than 1,000 apartment units. Every successful real estate investor I know started small, and just kept on growing until they reached where they are today. That’s all because of the many pros - and few cons - associated with real estate, especially when you’ve established a foundation of investment knowledge.

Is the Next Real Estate Market Crash Here?

Society typically sees the crash as a sign of doom and gloom. The truth is, the rich love market crashes. Why? Because the best time to buy is when people are so desperate to sell that they cut a deal that benefits the buyer. Be wise when navigating a market crash, though. The haters are amongst us.

Check out these blogs and take on 2023 with the goal for more financial education.We’ve got everything you need to get started.

Original publish date: January 05, 2023

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