Pioneer Spirit

For over two centuries immigrants from around the world have been coming to America with dreams of making a better future for themselves and their children. They are determined to succeed and willing to work hard and make sacrifices in the present in order to make their dream a reality.

Today, most Americans have gotten used to the prosperous lifestyle that our pioneering ancestors built for us. But with the economic upheaval we are currently experiencing - and may continue to experience - we need to harness that pioneering spirit once again so we can continue to enjoy prosperity and pass it on to our children. Regaining control of our futures starts with regaining control of our finances.

Even if your financial situation is comfortable right now, please don't confuse comfort for security. If you want to be financially secure then you need to learn about assets and then how to build your asset column. You need to become financially savvy.

The good news is that, like the pioneers, all you need to succeed is determination, common sense, and a willingness to work hard for what's important to you. 

Previous generations built railroads, skyscrapers, interstates... will this generation be the one to build financial stability?

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Original publish date: April 01, 2010