Rich women do things differently

3 Things Rich Women Do Differently

A change in mindset can bring out the Rich Woman in you

When I wrote the book Rich Woman back in 2008, the world was very different. We were in the middle of the great recession, times were uncertain, and we faced a lot of economic turbulence. I wanted to write a book that spoke to women everywhere facing these financial difficulties, and give them the mindset and confidence to take control of their future.

Though it's been nearly a decade since then, that mission remains the same.

Women have come pretty far since 2008. There are a growing number of female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses. In fact, the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses reports that in 2016 there were "11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States, employing nearly 9 million people and generating over $1.6 trillion in revenues."

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, several women are also making strides to earn top positions at several major U.S. companies, including Tupperware, Verizon, Abercrombie, and Kohl's, shattering the glass ceiling one pane at a time.

But there's still a lot of work to be done, and the Rich Woman message is more important than ever.

As I wrote in my book, I believe there is a Rich Woman in every woman. Being a Rich Woman has nothing to do with the amount of money in your bank account or your job title. Rich Woman is a mindset, a perspective that shapes your actions, a desire to be in control of your life and finances and not depend on anyone else to take care of you.

There's a Rich Woman inside you too, a woman who is rich in spirit and in all ways financial. All you have to do is find her.

It starts with a simple change in mindset. Below are three things Rich Women do differently that you can use to guide your own journey towards financial empowerment.

1) Rich Women Create Their Own Path

A Rich Woman doesn't follow the corporate ladder. She doesn't follow someone else's footsteps or take the path laid out for her. Instead, she forges a new trail to her own definition of success.

It's been proven time and time again that climbing the corporate ladder just doesn't work for women. Women win less promotions and fewer raises, they receive less feedback and have less access to mentors. At every turn of the corporate game, women are at a disadvantage. Following the traditional path doesn't work.

So instead of battling against the corporate ladder, Rich Women define and then create their own path.

We all have a different idea of what success looks like. It's not always a certain number in the bank or a specific job title. Sometimes being successful means having enough time to spend with our families, or enough money to retire by a certain age.

A Rich Woman starts by defining what success means for herself. She doesn't let others define success for her, but discovers her own vision of her future that will bring her a sense of accomplishment.

She also knows that it's foolish to try to follow anyone else's path to her unique definition of success. Instead, a Rich Woman lays the groundwork for her own path. She builds her own ladder to the top.

2) Rich Women Embrace Failure

What's the number one reason women don't take that first liberating step to financial freedom? Fear of failure.

So many women are too afraid to fail that they never even start. They shy away from risks, taking the cautious road and never finding the confidence they need to thrive.

But Rich Women embrace risk. They aren't afraid to fail, in fact they welcome failure because they know it will teach them a lesson that will help them grow.

When Robert and I quit our jobs to pursue building our company, we took a huge risk. For several months we were consider failures, living on other people's couches and unable to pay our bills. Every day I considered quitting, but I didn't. Each failure taught us something that allowed us to move forward, until we finally succeeded in our dreams.

Rich Women recognize that failure is a part of life. There's no avoiding it, so they take advantage of their mistakes and learn from them.

3) Rich Women Are Generous

Rich Women give back to others. They are charitable with their time and money and have a giving spirit that guides them in all they do.

You must give in order to receive. It's the law of the universe. I always sense hesitation when I talk about being generous on the path to becoming financially independent. It seems counterintuitive that to make money you have to give. But being charitable is a cornerstone to the Rich Woman mentality.

And Rich Women give back in multiple ways, not just financial. They are generous with others, especially other women. They aren't competitive and petty with other women in their industry. Instead they work to lift other women up and help them succeed.

According to a recent study , female executives in the film industry are more likely to hire women in each and every category. We see this trend happening across the board. Rich Women build companies and businesses that create opportunities for other women.

Rich Women also give generously with their time. It's been proven that women have less access to mentors. Rich Women recognize the importance of having a role model, so they become a role model for others. They give their time to mentoring others, and helping them discover the Rich Woman inside them.

Discover the Rich Woman in you

You have a Rich Woman inside you who is waiting to be free. A Rich Woman creates the life she wants and deserves, achieving freedom and confidence and enjoying all the things the world has to offer. Change your mindset, feed your spirit, and let your Rich Woman soar!

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