Transform from Damsel in Distress to Rich Woman

Transform from Damsel in Distress to Rich Woman

It’s Rising Time for Financial Freedom

Are you waiting for a knight in shining armor to save you and give you financial freedom? If so, snap out of it and get back to reality!

In April, I spoke at the National Achievers Congress in San Jose, California. While Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, our friend Donald Trump, and others gave presentations about the secrets to success, we discussed the power of transforming your life through financial education.

During the break, I spoke with numerous women about their achievements. For example, Popi and her husband Jay struggled with significant medical issues and ended up homeless. But instead of giving up, they “squatted” in a bank-owned property while buying their first rental property!

And after Tina studied the Rich Woman books in prison, she taught the financial education information she learned to her inmates prior to her release and is now a successful, businesswoman.

I will share more success stories like this in the future, but know that women in very dire situations in the past, (including me) have transformed their lives for the better with:

No excuses.
No money.
And certainly no knight in shining armor.

Women are Empowered!

In case you haven’t read the news lately, women are making their own decisions about education, money and financial freedom. We are stepping up as a power to be reckoned with! Just look at recent studies:

  • A recent cover story of Time Magazinereports that “women are overtaking men as America’s breadwinners.” And the March 2011 study, “Women in America” by the U.S. Department of Congress Economics and Statistics Information agrees. “Women have not only caught up with men in college attendance but younger women are now more likely than younger men to have a college or a master’s degree. Women are also working more and the number of women and men in the labor force has nearly equalized in recent years. As women’s work has increased, their earnings constitute a growing share of family income.”
  • The Employee Benefit and Research Institute reports that among full-time, full-year workers across all earnings levels, “women had a higher percentage participating in retirement planning than men - 55.5% for women, compared with 53.8% for men.”
  • In his recent article on “Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors in the World,” on SocialMediaToday, Steve Olenski writes about a study by BlogHer CEO and co-founder Lisa Stone stating, “'...there’s no one a woman trusts more for advice, recommendations and guidance than another woman in her circle.' And when you factor in that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care, it only stands to reason that the most powerful ambassador a brand can have... is a woman.”

Women are not waiting to transform their lives. They are getting the information they need to make decisions, acting on their education and making positive changes happen.

What about you? Are you sitting around waiting for someone to take care of you or rescue you from despair? Even worse, are you getting a financial education but sitting on the information waiting to take action? Don’t let fear, people, stereotypes, or other excuses stand in your way.

Ladies, “It’s Rising Time!” What are you going to do to start transforming your life today?

For help starting your journey to financial freedom, check out the free, financial education resources available here.

Original publish date: May 24, 2012