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Why You Can Be Happy and Rich

Understanding how happiness gives you a competitive advantage

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d rather be happy than rich?" How about, “Once I’m rich, I’ll be happy?"

Both statements are false dichotomies. After all, I’ve known plenty of people who were poor and miserable, and I’ve also known plenty of people who were rich and miserable.

Being rich or poor isn’t the pre-requisite to happiness, though having money does help. (Anyone who doesn’t agree has probably never been homeless before and begged for food.)

A few weeks ago on the Rich Dad Radio Show, Robert and I had the privilege of interviewing Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage.

In that interview, Shawn discussed how ancient Greeks didn't believe happiness was about pleasure. In today's world, it's not about getting a promotion, buying your dream car, being rich and retiring young. As President John F. Kennedy summed it up, it's about “…the full use of your powers along lines of excellence.”

How happiness helps you win

After years and years of research, Shawn has discovered as a scientific fact that it isn’t our accomplishments that make us happy. Rather, it’s our happiness that fuels our accomplishments.

This is why Robert shares that when he was in the process of becoming rich, when he was in the game, he was happy. But a few years ago, once he had attained everything he had set out to accomplish, he began to battle depression. He had fundamentally misunderstood that happiness doesn’t come from what we have, but rather our happiness allows us to attain all that we have by changing our perspective on the world.

You can choose to be happy

In his book, Shawn shows how choosing happiness through small actions performed consistently each day, such as thinking of three new things we’re grateful for and cataloguing them for twenty-one days, can literally rewire our brains. This change in perspective can significantly improve how our brains function in terms of strategic thinking, creativity, problem solving, and more.

In essence, happiness becomes our competitive advantage as we biologically outperform those around us who lack happiness and indulge in pessimism.

You hold the key to success

So, if you’re looking for that key advantage in your own life, business or financial portfolio, you need to look no further than yourself and your own happiness. Everything else will flow from there.

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