Singapore Exemplifies the Rich Dad Philosophy

Posted on: Friday, June 15, 2012

If there was a city that absolutely exemplified the philosophy of Rich Dad, that city is Singapore. The idea that you could run a government like a business as oppose to a social program has been a dream of entrepreneurs. Let us assure you, that dream is a reality in Singapore.

Many cities have ambitions of big projects and ideas designed to court big investors and therefore big returns. Many cities hope for success, Singapore takes the steps to ENSURE success. A mere glance around downtown is all you need to see that when they have a vision here, they don’t go half way and they don’t compromise (you need look no further than the Marina Bay Sands for an example).  This tenacity and refusal to settle for “good enough" is precisely the reason Singapore attracts only the biggest of investors and why they see the biggest of returns.

We hope our attendees were as inspired by the event as we were by the city.  Spending time in a business minded city (where the national language is English) sheds light on how much can be done when we remove and simply more forward with the plans that will build our wealth and secure our financial freedom.