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7 Steps to Reach Your Financial Destination

Eliminate overwhelming feelings by using this methodical approach to achieving your goals

Countless women have told me that their deepest desire is to achieve financial independence. Yet, many of them are stuck wondering how to actually make that happen. The problem is that while they are crystal clear on their desired outcome, they haven’t been able to wrap their heads around how to achieve it—probably because no clear-cut road map to nirvana exists. There are so many variables for each woman’s unique situation that there just isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan that will work.

But I’m here to tell you that the basic steps of what every woman needs to do are essentially the same. That’s because the journey toward achieving any goal—from financial freedom to weight loss—can be categorized into seven steps, one leading to the next. Sure, the details within each of these seven steps will vary, but you can still use these broad classifications to get organized and begin moving forward.

So let’s dive into the seven steps you can implement in your life, starting today, to achieve your goal.

1. Know your destination. What is the ideal life you want to create for yourself (and your loved ones)? What do you need—in financial terms—to get there? Don’t be afraid of making too bold of a statement here. Go big or go home, ladies!

2. Create a plan. Next you’ll need to map out a plan to your destination. Why? Because a goal without a plan is just a wish. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, conducted a study on goal setting. She divided the participants by those who wrote down their goals and those who didn’t. Her findings? More than 70 percent of the participants who sent weekly updates to a friend reported successful goal achievement, compared to 35 percent of those who kept their goals to themselves, without writing them down.

Your plan may need to be revised along the way as you encounter new or unexpected situations (including surpassing your goal), but you should always have a plan. And you should always write it down and share it with a friend or mentor who believes in you. This will help hold you accountable when you lose your way (which will happen from time to time).

3. Break it down into manageable steps. Enormous goals can be incredibly intimidating. Pretend you’ve decided to run a marathon, even though you’ve never run a day in your life. Well, just thinking about running 26.2 miles is beyond overwhelming. But nobody starts there. You start with one mile, and train for months. Maybe years. You keep adding more miles to your run. And eventually, you can do run the entire 26.2 miles without taking a break—a chore that may have seemed insurmountable in the beginning. The same rules apply here: Set yourself up for success by breaking your big goals down into smaller and smaller goals until they are manageable and achievable. Plus, crossing each one off your list (because you wrote it all down, remember?), no matter how small, is so satisfying!

4. Do at least one small step every day. Now that you’ve got those manageable goals, make sure you work on them regularly. Develop a habit of accomplishing at least one task each day that moves you toward your end goal. That momentum is so much harder to regain once you lose it.

5. Take advantage of organizers and reminders. Whether you prefer electronic tools, written reminders and lists, or a combination of both, utilize tools to help you stay organized and keep you on track.

6. Make learning a habit. Keep increasing your financial intelligence every day. Most CEOs read a book a week—imagine how much you’d learn if you committed to just one a month. I’d suggest starting with It’s Rising Time or Rich Woman and then branching out into your special area of interest from there. The more you learn, the more your confidence will soar and that will keep you motivated and creative.

7. Build your team and your network. Your team will consist of professionals who help you find, analyze, and pursue opportunities. Your network will consist of those people in your life who encourage you and understand and support your goals. But be sure to choose wisely. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn firmly believes that the five people you spend the most time with shape who you are. So, while we might interact with many people, it’s the handful who are closest to us who have the greatest impact on our thoughts and decisions. So don’t just hang out with women who are busy complaining about their finances and doing nothing about it—find other kindred spirits on your same journey, or women who have already succeeded.

Women all over the world have reached their financial destinations, and I know you can too. Please use these seven steps to your advantage and watch how easily everything begins to flow once you take that first step.

Original publish date: March 29, 2018