4 Advantages That Make Women Great Investors by Kim Kiyosaki

4 Advantages That Make Women Investors Great

Women investors who use their natural traits will greatly benefit their portfolio

Some professions are categorized as more male-dominated, such as construction work, car sales, and mechanics. Likewise, others are categorized are more female-dominated, including nursing, teaching and social work. Some of these gender stereotypes are falling by the wayside, but there’s still work to be done to dispel these myths.

Now, when it comes to the profession of investing, some people might automatically assume that it falls under the male’s domain — but I’m here to say that’s completely bogus. In fact, I’m going to argue that women bring four unique advantages to investing that makes them better suited to it than men:

  1. We’re not afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

    Remember back in the old days, when you’d have to stop at a gas station for directions if you were lost? Well, now we can just Google everything or use GPS, so it’s no longer as applicable, but men were notorious for not wanting to admit they needed help reaching a destination.

    Women, on the other hand, are more willing to ask questions and admit when we don’t know or understand something. Sadly, the person who acts like a know-it-all and is more afraid of looking “stupid” than asking a question will never learn or grow. Once you stop learning, what’s left in life? The advantage we women have in being confident enough to say, “I don’t know” is that it opens up the doors for us to learn so many answers. It pushes you to seek out information, to research things online or attend seminars, and talk to more industry experts.

    I truly believe this is one of the most powerful learning tools we, as women, have. Pretending to know all the answers because you don’t want to look stupid comes from low confidence or low self-esteem.

    So, ladies, stand up and proudly admit, “I don’t know!” or ask someone to explain something again. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn. Just make sure you first follow these four tests for finding good advice, so that you know your answers are coming from trusted sources.

  2. We’re willing to ask for help

    Piggybacking on number one above, women are also more willing to ask for help than men.

    If your husband has ever tried to fix a broken faucet or light fixture, you know this is true — he’ll probably do anything possible to avoid admitting defeat and calling a plumber or electrician. The difference is, a woman will trust her instinct and ask for help if she knows something is well outside her wheelhouse.

    That’s not to say that women are afraid to try new things, but we recognize when we’re in over our heads and seek the appropriate assistance. What a great way to save time so you can focus on the things that do require your personal attention.

    When it comes to investing, it’s crucial that you ask for help when you need it — that way you’ll avoid a rookie mistake or even prevent a small problem from snowballing into a bigger one.

  3. Women will hunt for a bargain

    Let’s face it, we’ve had a lot of experience looking for bargains — from grocery shopping with coupons to clothing children, women know how to snag a deal. This is an important skill for investing, because you’ll want to look for something that is priced below its actual value and buy it.

    I love how the following quote, from Ruth Hayden, a financial educator and author, illustrates this point: “If we women shopped (investments) the way we shopped at Nordstrom’s, we’d be in the money. When stocks are low, it’s like a three-for-one panty sale.”

    So expand your product knowledge from pints of raspberries and designer jeans to particular neighborhoods for rental properties or certain stocks, and you’ll soon be able to spot the good deals as soon as they appear. Once you have some practice, you’ll even learn how to turn a good deal into a great deal.

  4. Women do their homework

    As a general rule, the fairer sex generally does their homework instead of buying off a “hot tip.”

    According to the National Center for Women and Retirement Research, women spend more time researching their investment choices than men do. This prevents women from trading on whims and going after the “hot tips” — behaviors that tend to weaken men’s portfolios.

All four of these points clearly demonstrate why the world needs more women entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Original publish date: January 10, 2019

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