Who’s In Your Circle?

The people you surround yourself with and interact with can have a huge impact on your motivation, your mindset, and ultimately what you can accomplish.

People who are negative, critical, or judgmental - even if they are trying to "help" you with their advice - can really drag you down and squash your goals and dreams. 

Starting today, make a commitment to surround yourself as much as possible with people who lift you up, and avoid contact as much as possible with people who drag you down.

Ask yourself these questions and make a "lifts me up" list:

  • Who can you share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with and know they will support you, not judge or criticize?
  • Who gets genuinely excited when they see you succeed?
  • Who feels bad for you when you fail (and doesn't say "I told you so" even if they had told you so)?
  • Who supports you no matter what?

Now make plans to spend more time connecting with the people on your "lifts me up" list.

If your list is short, or even non-existant, then it's time to start seeking out these kinds of relationships. Start here with the Rich Woman community and in other gathering places for people who have similar values, beliefs, hopes, and dreams as you. How do you create such strong relationships with people you don't yet really know? Simple. Be someone who lifts others up.

Original publish date: November 18, 2009