Where do you want the Cashflow Quadrant to take you?

Will You Lose Your Job to Robots?

What rapidly evolving technology means for your future

This week on The Rich Dad Radio Show, we spoke about the future, particularly economic growth and the rise of technology. The fear of machines taking over is more prevalent than ever, and soon everyone will have to face the reality that their job today might be gone by tomorrow.

For Robert and I, this is nothing new. We've been saying for years that the traditional job is becoming obsolete, and a surefire way to stay stuck in the rat race. But many people aren't prepared for the radical changes coming.

No job is safe

Driverless cars, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, these are just a few of the technologies threatening jobs today. And no job is safe.

Earlier this year, ROSS, the world's first artificial intelligence lawyer, began working with law firms to conduct legal research. Uber is rolling out driverless cars in Philadelphia, paving the way to replace all drivers.

Robots are ideal employees. They don't get sick. They don't have Social Security or healthcare. They show up on time, are more efficient, and often safer than human workers. And while that might seem scary for the employees and self-employed on the left side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant, for those of us on the right side, it's music to our ears.

Move to the right side of the quadrant

If the coming automation scares you, maybe it's time to make the move to the right side of the quadrant. What I mean by that is, leave the traditional career and job behind and become a B (business owner) or I (investor).

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

Robert and I aren't afraid of being replaced by robots. In fact, Robert's rich dad used to say, "You know when you're rich when you don't need a job to make a lot of money."

When you make the move from the left side of the quadrant to the right, you'll no longer be dependent on a job that could easily be done by a robot. Instead, you can build your own wealth-generating vehicles. The best part? You can position yourself to take advantage of the coming disruption, and use technology to help you achieve financial freedom.

Let the robots do the work

Instead of fearing this new technology, embrace it, and use it to help you build your business. What used to take millions of dollars and an office full of people can now be done by one person with a laptop and an Internet connection. The developments in technology make starting your own business easier and more lucrative than ever.

In addition, robots are cheap and efficient labor. When you're on the left side of the quadrant, that's scary, but on the right side it's an incredible opportunity. You can let robots do the work while you sit back and enjoy the cash flow.

Technology also makes it easier to invest. Whether you're interested in stocks or real estate, there are new developments every day that make it easier to be in control of your investments.

Change your perspective

All you need is a change of mindset. Once you move from the left to the right side of the quadrant, robots and other developing technologies become exciting opportunities, not threats to your security.

So start today! Start a business online. Use technology to invest for cash flow. Build or create something new using robots. Embrace the technology coming your way and use it to put you on the path to financial freedom.

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